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Another young girl was poisoned! Remember, they must not be mixed together →

2018-09-28 00:25:34 377 ℃

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< p> Positive season, frequent colds. Many people think that it is good to deal with a small cold and take several medicines! But some people have lost their lives because of the wrong medicine! what happened?

With two cold medicines, 18-year-old girl died unfortunately

An 18-year-old girl from Jiangmen, Guangdong, died bizarrely after eating two cold medicines. It is reported that the girl’s roxithromycin sustained-release capsules and compound methoxynamin capsules Will cause humanophylline poisoning.


Many cold medicines, antipyretics and painkillers have paracetamol (please read the instructions carefully). If you use two cold medicines at the same time, or you can take antipyretics and painkillers at the same time, resulting in excessive intake of paracetamol, it can cause acute liver damage, which can cause liver failure and even death.

In fact, in addition to the risk of mixing different cold medicines, the following common drugs and articles can produce unexpected results. Even threatening human health!

Use two cleaning solutions at the same time, woman poisoning is dead
< p>When Ms. Wang was cleaning the bathroom, she used the toilet bowl and 84 disinfectant at the same time. Then she suddenly fainted and eventually lost her hand because of the ineffectiveness of the rescue.


84 disinfectant and toilet cleaner produce chlorine after mixing reaction, through the respiratory tract Invading the human body, causing damage to the upper respiratory tract mucosa, causing strong oxidation of the tissue, inflammatory swelling of the mucous membrane, causing difficulty in breathing, and death in severe cases.

Using Huoxiang Zhengqi Water and Cephalosporin, the old man died unemployed < /strong>

Ningbo’s 60-year-old Wang Dabo after heatstroke, drinked two musk scented water and took two cephalosporins. As a result, the flushing blood pressure dropped and was sent to the hospital for rescue.



The musk water contains alcohol, which is digested in the body to produce ethanol, while cephalosporins inhibit ethanol in the body. Metabolism causes accumulation of ethanol, which can cause acute liver damage, apnea or even death in severe cases.

After spraying mosquito repellent and applying sunscreen, women have allergic syncope

Ms. Wang of Taiwan applied sunscreen after spraying the mosquito repellent, allergic redness and swelling on the thighs and back of the hand, and fainting occurred.


The main ingredients in mosquito repellent are DEET and alcohol, while sunscreen contains diphenyl Ketones, a large mixture of DEET, alcohol and benzophenone, are accelerated by the skin at high temperatures, and are susceptible to allergies in people with allergies.

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