Crabs and persimmons?" Wait, do you have any misunderstandings?

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Crabs and persimmons?" Wait, do you have any misunderstandings?

2018-09-28 20:25:32 333 ℃

The autumn wind is rising, the golden osman fragrance, and the harvest season. (Please brain fill the "China on the tip of the tongue" dubbing)

At this time, the female crab shell is full of yellow, the male crab cream is thick and greasy, and the persimmon that has just harvested is not only delicious, tastes good, but also has nutritional value. Very high, containing sugars such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, as well as protein and vitamins, enjoy the reputation of "the sacred fruit", which is very popular among people.

However, the question is, when these two kinds of food are on the table at the same time, eat or not eat, are you a little hesitant?

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"Crab and Persimmon",

Is it true?

The "event" caused by "crab and persimmon with food" was last published in October 2016, an information bulletin issued by the Yancheng Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province, saying that girls have crabs and persimmons. After that, it caused one death and one injury. The incident caused widespread public concern. But not long after the incident, the police corrected the news. The girl’s onset time was four days after eating crabs. Therefore, it is obviously insufficient to eat crabs and persimmons.

In fact, about "crabs and persimmons The rumors that can't be eaten together can be said to have been for a long time. As early as in the Eastern Jin Zhang Zhang's "Healthy Essentials", he wrote: "Persimmon and crab (same eating), abdominal pain and diarrhea."

So, what is the truth? Some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that from the perspective of food mix, crabs and persimmons are cold foods, and the same food can easily damage the spleen and stomach and cause discomfort.

In fact, Professor Ge Keyou, honorary chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, made it clear that the food phase does not exist.

First of all, due to water quality problems, the surface of the crab shell and the body often breed a large number of bacteria, such as insufficient heat sterilization during cooking and processing, and there is a high possibility of infectious diarrhea. Secondly, crab meat is rich in protein. Some people may have allergies to crab meat protein. Blind overeating may also cause gastrointestinal allergy.

In addition, persimmon contains citric acid, especially immature persimmon and persimmon. The content of citric acid is higher. If it is eaten in large quantities on an empty stomach, tannic acid can form hard-to-digest lumps under the action of stomach acid. Too large to stay in the stomach, it is called "stomach stone." If the stomach stone can not be naturally discharged, it will cause obstruction of the digestive tract, severe pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting, and even hematemesis. Therefore, simply eating an excessive amount of persimmon on an empty stomach can cause the above-mentioned discomfort. Eating persimmons with high-protein foods, such as milk, soy milk, and poultry storage, may increase the risk of “gastrolith”.

Although there is no "crab and persimmon", you should pay attention to the following points when eating these two foods:

1, crab is delicious, but not All people are suitable for eating

For digestion with chronic gastritis, chronic diarrhea, etc. People with bad and allergies should be especially cautious when eating crabs, and pay attention to controlling intake.

In addition, due to the high fat content in crab yellow and crab paste, it is not recommended for patients with gallstones, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity.

2, crabs avoid raw food, should be thoroughly heated and eaten

Although crabs have drunken crabs, crabs often have a lot of bacteria due to water quality problems. Therefore, crabs must be cooked, not gluttonous and delicious. Cooked crabs must also be cooked steamed, high temperature sterilization, so that the crab shell reddish and then eaten.

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3, do not eat persimmons on an empty stomach, do not eat persimmons

Persimmon itself contains a lot of tannic acid, especially with the highest content of persimmon skin, and eating a large number of persimmons on an empty stomach, greatly increasing the risk of forming a "stomach stone". Can cause gastric mucosal congestion, edema, erosion, ulcers, severe cases can cause gastric perforation.

4, avoid high protein when eating persimmons Food

High-protein foods react with citric acid under the action of stomach acid. It is easy to form stomach persimmon, so it should be avoided. Such as crab, fish, shrimp and other foods. If you must eat it on the same day, you should pay attention to the interval of more than 1 hour. People with slow gastric emptying should further extend the interval.

Summary Everyone~~~ Everyone should develop good hygiene when choosing food. First of all, pay attention to the source of food. Food safety and hygiene is the most important, especially animal food. Learn to look for fresh or fresh features and wash. Net, avoid raw food; secondly, develop good eating habits, single or one meal intake should be scientific and reasonable, not too much and not as much as you like.