Some diseases that "sound the West" may be fatal if they delay the disease!

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Some diseases that "sound the West" may be fatal if they delay the disease!

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Every attention to every little detail of the body, don't let the disease defeat you with the trick of "sounding the West"!

There is a trick in the thirty-six meter called "Sound East", which is an illusion that makes the enemy illusory and surprisingly successful. a strategy. In life, some diseases will use this trick to "deceive people". Do you know?

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Let's take a look at each one and see the tricks of these diseases to deceive people!

Deception 1: Knee pain in the hip

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Although the hip and knee joints are far apart, they must not be blinded by appearance. It is thought to be knee arthritis or joint damage, which may actually be related to radiological symptoms of femoral head necrosis. Tiredness, trauma, heavy drinking, excessive activity, up and down stairs may aggravate symptoms.

Deception 2: Waist and leg pain

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Deception 3:Cervical spondylosis

Shoulder pain, upper limb pain, dizziness, headache, soft legs

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Deception 4: Cardiopulmonary Disease and Abdominal Pain< /p>

So acute heart The stalk has abdominal pain, accompanied by symptoms of nausea and vomiting. It is easily misdiagnosed as gastric perforation, acute cholecystitis and acute appendicitis.

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Deception 5: Cardiopulmonary disease shoulder pain

When angina or a heart attack, patients often feel pressure behind the sternum, but shoulder pain. Diseases in the lungs may also irritate the diaphragm and cause pain in the shoulders.

In fact, the medical community has a deep understanding of the disease. "The height of the magic is one foot, the height of the road is one foot." The disease's "sound to the west" is not terrible. The patient's pain and related parts are carefully examined. The comprehensive and objective analysis of the condition is detailed. The detailed clinical observation is that we overcome the disease. "The three magic weapons, pay attention to every small detail of the body, don't let the disease beat you with the trick of "sounding the West"!

Author / Ye Zhewei Source / Healthy Hubei