People who smoke for a long time, will smoking cessation suddenly have adverse effects on the body?

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People who smoke for a long time, will smoking cessation suddenly have adverse effects on the body?

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It is well known that smoking is harmful to health. This is undoubted, and most people recognize this as the scientific knowledge of smoking is harmful. There is no harm in smoking, and more and more people are quit smoking for health. However, some people have concerns, "Long-term smokers, suddenly smoking cessation will have adverse effects on the body?"

Someone said: Suddenly no smoking, the body has various discomforts, like being sick. Does that mean that smoking cessation is bad for the body?

Here, Xiaobian once again stresses it once again "Smoking is harmful to health, smoking cessation is good for health" and does not accept any doubts!

In contrast, the benefits of quitting smoking are visible to the naked eye!

From the moment you put down your cigarette, your body will automatically fix it:

20 After a minute, the heart rate is normal; after the hour, the heart rate and blood pressure are back to normal, at this time, nicotine also begins to expel the body; quit smoking12< /font>After the hour, you will feel the body's reaction to clear the nicotine, which is the most uncomfortable at this time; about 3 days, the nicotine clearance peaks, then You will feel headache, nausea or irritability. However, the body's carbon monoxide content has returned to normal. If you can continue to do so, you will feel better and better;1~9week After that, coughing and wheezing are gone. After one year, your risk of heart disease and various cancers, including lung cancer, is halved compared to smokers.

Quitting smoking15After the year, your chances of developing heart disease return to the same level as normal people. The various parts of the body also change surprisingly due to smoking cessation, especially in the lungs. The rate of renewal of the lungs is very fast. After quitting smoking, the inflammation of the lungs is relieved, the cilia of the lungs are no longer paralyzed, and work begins again.

Why does the body have an uncomfortable reaction after quitting smoking?

Smoking is easy to addictive, mainly because the nicotine in the cigarette is in the brain a few seconds after being ingested by the human body, affecting The brain secretes dopamine, which binds to nicotine receptors.

The rich dopamine can make people happy and happy, but when dopamine is reduced, it will make people feel irritable, arrogant and violent. By smoking, inhaled nicotine releases more dopamine.

The nicotine withdrawal response after quitting smoking can be uncomfortable and stressful, with headaches, anxiety, nausea and other symptoms, but this is only temporary. Most withdrawal symptoms will peak at 48 hours. Depending on the length of the smoke, the symptoms disappear completely and sometimes take up to six months.

The first two weeks of smoking cessation have a crucial impact on the success of smoking cessation. It is best to be familiar with possible symptoms:

1-5 Day: Cough, runny nose

This is because the damage of harmful substances in the smoke is reduced, and the respiratory system is purifying itself.

1-2 Week: Flatulence and constipation

In addition, due to increased blood flow to the brain, Causes headaches. Eating more dietary fiber and drinking more water can help relieve symptoms.

2-4 Week: Irritable and tired

In the absence of nicotine stimulation, increased blood flow and oxygen in the brain In this case, it can lead to difficulty in concentration. In the absence of nicotine, the body's metabolic rate will drop to normal levels, so it will feel tired within a few weeks after quitting smoking.

How does "support" in the past when there is an withdrawal response?

1. Wash your face and shower when you are dizzy;

2.Hip your mouth when you are uncomfortable;< /p>

3.When tea is dry, drink tea and coffee;

4.I really want to smoke a pipe and chew gum;< /p>

5.When anxious chest tightness 10 deep breathing;

6.Feel Listen to music and take a deep breath when you are bored;

7. Take a deep breath and rest when you are tired;

8.Drink milk while insomnia, Relax your body;

9.When you wait for someone to eat melon seeds and chew gum;

10. Avoid at the party Talk to people who smoke;

11. Drink tea and coffee while talking.

Physician pointed out that after the first five days, you can stop smoking according to the following methods "war fruit":

1.After meal Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth and wear clean, non-smoke clothes;

2.Replace the habit of taking a cigarette with a pen or pencil;

3. spend most of your time in the library or other places where smoking is not allowed;

4.Avoid to the bar and attend the party to avoid heavy smoking People together;

5.Buy a gift for yourself without saving money;

6. Prepare to quit smoking in the 2~3 week.

So, in order to be healthy, you must quit smoking. The most important point of quitting smoking is "I am willing to quit smoking, and I am not smoking immediately, instead of using a gradual approach. "

After quitting smoking, the most uncomfortable thing is the first three days, but after five days, most people find that their demand for smoking is reduced or not, and then continue for ten days. Successful! Say to yourself: "I will never smoke." With the support, you will succeed.

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