15 people were poisoned because of drinking medicinal liquor, and 5 people died. The reason is ascertained: the medicinal liquor contains this highly toxic Chinese medicine!

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15 people were poisoned because of drinking medicinal liquor, and 5 people died. The reason is ascertained: the medicinal liquor contains this highly toxic Chinese medicine!

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The medicinal liquor has always been one of the traditional daily health care methods of the Chinese people. It has a history of thousands of years, and it has a history of nearly 2000 years ago. "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" has a soup liquid paradox: Since the ancient saints' soups, they thought that they were prepared for the ears, and when they were evil, they were served. The so-called soup is the decoction of the soup, and the cockroach is the medicinal liquor.

The medicinal liquor is one of the eight traditional Chinese medicines, consciously combining wine and medicine The formation of medicinal liquor, according to legend, was created by the medical ancestors in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Through long-term medical practice, ancient medical doctors have realized the hotness of alcohol, have the functions of warming blood, releasing drugs, warming the stomach, dispelling cold, and invigorating yang. With wine pharmacy, wine borrows the drug potential, medicine borrows alcohol, and the two are used together to complement each other.

However, medicinal wine is not something you want to drink and drink!

Recently, a public health incident occurred in a restaurant in Laoshan District, Chongqing. 15People were poisoned by drinking medicinal liquor, among which 5The man was unfortunately killed.

The relevant department has found out the reason: the medicinal liquor on the banquet contained a Chinese medicine called "Snow on the arbor", which contains drama poison.

Snow Mountain, Artemisia, Chinese Medicine Name. It has the effect of hurricane dehumidification and dispersing healing. It is often used for muscles, joints and pain caused by wind-cold dampness, blood stasis caused by bruises, and insect bites. It is often used for external rubbing. It is strictly forbidden to take it.

The main ingredient is aconitine, which is highly toxic. Oral0.2mg can be poisoned,2.5mg can kill, so don't take it.

This is not the first poisoning caused by medicinal liquor.

58Yellow Master Huang was addicted to medicinal and alcoholic health after retirement. He inquired about various recipes from magazines, networks, and friends, and then bought high-alcohol liquor to make a variety of medicinal liquors. The balcony of the home was filled with large and small medicinal cans: there was aphrodisiac and kidney, and there was cold and dampness. And there are Wentong blood, friends called him "Yellow Pharmacist."

Every day, Master Huang will pick and drink according to his physical condition, every day2 times, each time2< /font>Two. As a result, Master Huang felt that his body was tired and his limbs were numb, thinking that he was bloody and doubled the amount of medicinal liquor. I didn’t expect it to be dizzy for a week. The right side of the body does not listen, the hand can not lift, the feet can not move, after emergency medical treatment, urgent investigationCT shows that the acute cerebral infarction, rescue and save a life in time.

It turns out that Master Huang’s “healing medicinal liquor” contains valuable Chinese medicines such as ginseng, scutellaria and deer whip, which are beneficial for yang deficiency, weakness and fatigue, but Hypertensive patients belong to impotence, "tonic will cause blood pressure to soar, not a stroke!"

medicine is" medicine, not "wine" "!

The "Thousands of Gold" has been recorded: "One person drinks, one has no epidemic, one drink, one has no epidemic." The efficacy of the disease also shows that it depends on the person, and must not follow the trend.

is a three-point drug. People often use traditional Chinese medicines such as Chuanwu, Caowu and Realgar, which have a certain risk. Chuanwu, Caowu and other dampness herbs contain aconitine, which is highly toxic. Oral0.2mg will be poisoned,3-4mg May die. Chuanwu, Caowu bubble into the wine after alcohol dissolution, will increase the oozing of toxic substances, an improper care will cause poisoning, mainly cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity, arrhythmia, limb numbness, etc., severe heartbeat breathing stop.

The realgar wine may also be poisoned. In some places, there is a habit of drinking realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival. There are also health hazards. Arsenic contains arsenic sulfide. Arsenic poisoning first damages nerve cells and causes central nervous system poisoning. It produces a series of symptoms of central nervous system poisoning, which can cause vasomotor vasomotor palsy and cause telangiectasia. It can cause steatosis and necrosis of parenchymal organs such as liver, kidney, spleen and heart muscle.

There is also a scorpion venomous snake soaking wine, Xiaobian admire your guts. Drinking a small amount of these wines has the effect of promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. Excessive amounts can cause bleeding and organ damage. The main reason is that animals such as scorpions, crickets, and snakes contain neurotoxins and anticoagulants. Therefore, be careful!

Does that mean that medicinal wine is not reliable?

Having said that, Xiaobian is not trying to overthrow the ancestors’ treatment methods for thousands of years, but modern people misunderstood the meaning of their ancestors. "medicine wine" back pot! It is not right to attack the medicinal liquor with the toxic substances in the formula. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to each other, and many prescriptions are the bias of medication to correct the bias of the disease. "It is a three-point drug", whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it is inevitable to have its limitations, in addition, it is also related to the dose of intake.

If you need to take medicinal liquor, please use it under the guidance of a qualified Chinese doctor, whether it is internal or external. Once a poisoning reaction occurs, you should go to the nearest hospital in time, and find out the ingredients of the medicinal liquor, and take corresponding rescue measures based on the poisoning ingredients.

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