Why do men have a morning? Is it good for Chen Bo?

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Why do men have a morning? Is it good for Chen Bo?

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Morning penile erection is also known in medicine as "night penile swelling", which is not only an interesting physiological phenomenon, but also tells Our knowledge of male sexual function. Early penile erection affects all males, and even male embryos still in the womb cannot escape the effects of morning germination. In addition, Chen Bo also exists in women, but we rarely discuss the phenomenon of female clitoris erection at night. Let's talk about the causes of male erections.

What is causing the erection?

The nervous system and the endocrine system (the glands that secrete hormones into our system) affect the penile blood vessels, causing penile erections. When sexual arousal , the brain transmits chemical information to the penile blood vessels, allowing blood to flow into the penis. The blood is trapped in the muscles of the penis, which causes the penis to swell and cause an erection.

Several hormones, including testosterone, a major androgen, affect the brain's response. This same mechanism can occur without uncontrolled brain involvement due to uncontrolled spinal cord reflexes. This is why patients with spinal cord injuries are still able to erect, and why they can erect without sex.

What about the mechanism of erection during sleep?

Night penile erection occurs during REM sleep, which is also the stage of our dreams. An erection of the penis occurs when certain areas of the brain are activated. These activated areas include areas responsible for stimulating parasympathetic nerves (ie, nerves responsible for rest and digestion), inhibiting sympathetic nerves (ie, nerves responsible for "war or escape"), and inhibiting the production of serotonin (ie, emotional hormones).

Sleep consists of several rapid eye movements and non-rapid eye movements (ie deep sleep). During the rapid eye movement period, the activated dominant system has changed. We switch from sympathetic (responsible for war or escape) to parasympathetic (responsible for rest and digestion) stimulation. We did not find the same change during other sleep cycles. This balanced change drives the parasympathetic response to erection. This reaction is spontaneous, and the individual in sleep does not have to wake up. Some men may also experience nighttime penile erections during non-rapid eye movements, especially in older men. At present, we are still not clear why this phenomenon occurs.

The reason for the erection of a man in the morning may be related to the fact that we often wake up from the rapid eye movement. Testosterone is at its highest level in the morning, and this substance has also been shown to increase the frequency of nighttime erections. Interestingly, scientists have yet to find that testosterone has a major impact on visual erotic stimulation or fantasy-induced erections. Because this type of erection is mainly driven by the "reward effect" of the brain that secretes dopamine.

Because we go through several sleep cycles every night, men can erect up to five times a night for a total of 20 or 30 minutes. But this depends a lot on the quality of sleep, so erections may not happen every day. The number and quality of erections gradually decline with age, but they usually far exceed the “retirement age” – as if to prove the well-being of older men.

It is also important to emphasize the importance of female clitoris erections, and there is much less research on this phenomenon. During the rapid eye movement of sleep, blood flows in the vagina. The sensitivity of clitoris congestion and vagina increases with the flow of blood in the vagina.

What is the purpose of the erection?

It is said that penile erection may be a warning to the male bladder. Because Morning Bolt disappeared after the bladder was empty in the morning.

The reason for Morning Bo is more likely to be the unconscious stimulation of the entire bladder into the nerves of the spine, which respond directly by creating an erection (spine reflex). This can explain why the erection disappeared after emptying the bladder.

Scientific research has not yet determined whether morning germination is good for penis health, and the increase in oxygen in the penis at night may be beneficial to the health of the muscle tissue that makes up the penis.

What does it mean if there is no morning ber?

The loss of nighttime erections may indicate that you have a common disease that affects erectile function. For example, in diabetic patients, the lack of morning bream may be associated with erectile dysfunction due to neurological conditions or poor blood supply to the penis. In this case, the patient responds poorly to messages from the brain during sleep, and we rely on the information sent by the brain to erect.

It is believed that nighttime erection can be a sign of sexual function and a sign that the basic body part is working, because it is considered to be a factor that is independent of psychological factors and affects erection when people are awake. However, studies have shown that mental illnesses such as severe depression can also affect nighttime erections. Therefore, its absence is not necessarily a sign of disease or low testosterone levels.

In addition, the frequency of male morning germination and the frequency of erection quality of men who take erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra have also increased.

Chen Bo is a good thing?

Although some men make good use of night erections, many men are in a state of sleep when this happens, and people who are used to sleeping may feel that the morning is fascinating. hate.

Because good heart health is related to erectile capacity, the presence of nighttime erections is often considered good news. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to avoid or even reverse erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is very important to balance your diet, maintain a healthy weight, exercise and avoid smoking and alcohol abuse.

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