Hand numbness is a sign of a serious illness! People who often have numbness need to be alert to these 7 diseases!

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Hand numbness is a sign of a serious illness! People who often have numbness need to be alert to these 7 diseases!

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Hand numbness is a common symptom in hand disease, which often indicates that the upper limb nerves are jammed. Some people sleep with their arms pressed, their hands are weak; playing mobile games for a long time, dizzy hand numbness; some pregnant women to the third trimester, the wrist is stinging numb......

Hands are not trivial, serious illness needs to be vigilant!

1.Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis of nerve root type often There are numbness or radiation pain in the fingers, so some patients and even doctors mistakenly numb the numbness of the hand and cervical spondylosis. This is not true, because many diseases can cause numbness in the hands. XWire examination also confirmed that some patients with hand numbness have normal cervical spine. Therefore, doctors should carefully check whether there are other causes of hand numbness, such as:

(1) external humeral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) Causes the outside of the forearm (temporal side) pain, lifting weakness.

(2) Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause proximal numbness in the middle finger.

(3) The humeral epicondylitis can cause pain in the medial side of the forearm (ulnar side).

(4) biceps tendonitis (scapulohumeral periarthritis) can cause numbness in the upper arm, while triceps tendonitis can be in the upper arm The back side causes numbness, shoulder weakness and other symptoms.

2.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common around The nerve compression disorder is caused by an increase in pressure in the carpal tunnel and a compression of the median nerve. Common symptoms include median nerve innervation (thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger side) with paresthesia and numbness. Night finger numbness is often the first symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, and many patients have experience of nighttime finger awakening. The discomfort of many patients with numbness of the fingers can be relieved to some extent by changing the posture of the upper limbs or picking up hands. Some activities of the patient during the day can also cause the numbness of the fingers to increase, such as needlework, driving, long-term hand-held calls or long-term reading of books. Some patients only felt numbness and discomfort in the middle finger or middle finger fingertips in the early stage, but felt numbness discomfort in the thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger side in the late stage. Some patients may also have numbness or paresthesia in the forearm or even the entire upper extremity, and even feel that these symptoms are major discomfort. As the condition worsens, the patient may have a clear loss of finger sensation or loss, and the abductor pollicis and the abdomen of the thumb may atrophy or weak. The patient may have atrophy of the most metacarpal muscles in the big fish, the thumb is not flexible, and the force of pinching with other fingers may not even complete the pinching action.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common surgical treatment for hand surgeons. There are many non-surgical treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, including bracing and corticosteroid injections. Surgical treatment should be considered if the conservative treatment regimen does not alleviate the patient's symptoms.

3.Transient ischemic attack

Transient ischemic attack is A transient blood supply to the basilar artery or vertebrae, causing focal cerebral ischemia, leads to sudden, transient, and reversible neurological dysfunction. The seizure lasts for a few minutes and usually recovers completely within 30 minutes. More than 2 hours often left a slight neurological deficit Performance, or CT and MRI shows signs of brain tissue ischemia. TIAGood to 34~65 , 65 years old accounted for 25.3%, more men than women. Sudden onset, mostly in the case of postural changes, hyperactivity, sudden neck rotation or flexion and extension. There is no aura in the onset, the numbness of the hands and feet on one side of the body, the normal side of the body, accompanied by symptoms such as language barriers, hemiplegia, and transient physical signs of the nervous system, generally unconscious, lasting 5 ~20 minutes, can be repeated, but generally within 24 hours Recovery, no sequelae.


Diabetes can also cause finger numbness due to long-term high Caused by peripheral blood neuritis caused by blood sugar, the feeling of numbness is mostly at the end of the extremities, and the sides appear symmetrically.

5.late pregnancy

Some pregnant women will feel unilateral or bilateral hands Paroxysmal pain, numbness, acupuncture or burning-like feeling. Pain and numbness mainly affect the lateral sides of the thumb, index finger, middle finger and little finger, resulting in loss of fine finger movement ability, usually without other serious consequences.

6.Climate women

Climate women sometimes have hand numbness, But it is not obvious that with the end of menopause, the symptoms of hand numbness will disappear.


Hand numb is one of the main manifestations of stroke, although fingers Hemp is not necessarily a stroke, but for middle-aged people who are older than 40 years old, if you have frequent headaches, dizziness, top-heavy, numbness, and other symptoms, and usually have high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes, For diseases such as cerebral arteriosclerosis, you should be alert to the occurrence of stroke.

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