Legs and 6 years of lumbar protrusion, actually improved by ginger + liquor, even the sciatic nerve does not hurt!

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Legs and 6 years of lumbar protrusion, actually improved by ginger + liquor, even the sciatic nerve does not hurt!

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Lumbar disc herniation refers to the nucleus pulposus degeneration, bulging or protruding to the annulus fibrosus due to acute or chronic injury of the annulus fibrosus, and the symptoms of nerve damage caused by compression of the nerve and the sciatic nerve pathway of the lower limb. The most common symptom of patients with lumbar disc herniation is pain, which can be manifested as low back pain and sciatica. The age of lumbar disc herniation is between 30 and 50 years old. The average age of surgery is 40 years old, so degenerative changes may be an important factor.

How the lumbar disc herniation is formed:

1, chronic waist Strain damage, because of long-term bad posture and unhealthy activity caused by chronic strain, so it is especially important to change lifestyle habits. Chronic strain at the back and lack of muscle strength around the lumbar spine is the main cause of lumbar disc herniation.

2, caused by trauma, this reason is not difficult to understand, the lumbar vertebrae caused by acute injury after treatment, after repeated damage to the same part, coupled with factors such as improper waist and other factors will affect the intervertebral disc, aggravation The degree of degeneration.

3, age growth, is generally a key factor in the formation of lumbar disc herniation in middle-aged and elderly people. With the increase of age, the water content of lumbar intervertebral disc annulus and nucleus pulposus gradually decreases to a certain age. A little bit of external force (such as a sprained waist) may cause the nucleus pulposus to lift up the annulus, causing the lumbar disc to "bulge" or "highlight".

4. Improper sitting posture, sitting on the stool for a long time will cause lumbar disc tissue damage to the lumbar vertebrae, and when sitting for a long time, the lumbar vertebrae will bear a lot of pressure, which also has certain damage to the bones. Exercise accelerates osteoporosis, and osteoporosis accelerates the development of spurs and lumbar processes.

What are the symptoms of the lumbar disc once it is highlighted:

1, low back pain: waist The most typical type of pain is pain, especially when the lumbar spine begins to compress the nerves, this pain will increase several times.

2. Sciatica and tingling: Many patients with lumbar processes have this feeling, the place of the tail vertebrae is sour, and the roots of the thighs also have the feeling of soreness, this pain is Radioactive.

3. Muscle spasm: lumbar disc herniation compresses nerves for a longer period of time, which can cause nerve paralysis or muscle spasm, and some can cause intermittent paralysis, scoliosis, scoliosis, etc. These phenomena can easily cause a lot of inconvenience to patients, and some even lose their athletic ability. Therefore, suffering from lumbar disc herniation must be treated in time.

1, acupressure can also help relieve low back pain

Acupoint name: large intestine Yu cave

Acupoint selection method: prone position, under the 4th lumbar spinous process at the waist, waist-yang Guan (Du) is 1.5 inches apart. Massage method: There are two left and right positions in the large intestines, which can be pressed by the left and right hands at the same time. It has a sore feeling, which can relieve low back pain and sciatica to some extent.

Efficacy: relieve low back pain and sciatica.

  1. Right back on the hips, or use the upper limbs to support the upper body in the prone position before going to bed for ten minutes.

  1. Food remedies help you:< /li>
  2. 1, black chicken soup:
  3. Material: one black-bone chicken, two small pieces of ginger, 60 grams of wolfberry, 100ml of white wine.
  4. Practice: Wash the black-bone chicken and cut it into small pieces. Put the ingredients into the simmering pot, boil and turn the small fire, and wait until the chicken is completely rotten. This soup is effective in nourishing the spleen and stomach and is effective in nourishing the spleen and stomach.
  5. 2, black sesame porridge:
  6. Take fresh black sesame and dry it. At this time, first simmer the rice, then boil it in a small simmer, cook for 10 minutes, then Add black sesame seeds, then stir together, then continue to boil for 30 minutes on low heat.
  7. Long-term consumption has a good relief effect on the treatment of lumbar disc herniation.
  8. The above two methods will continue to improve the recovery of lumbar disc herniation every day, but it is necessary to combine Chinese medicine with the need to completely eliminate the lumbar process. Chinese medicine treatment of lumbar protrusion, not only no side effects, does not hurt the spleen and stomach, but also can concentrate on medication, straight to the lesion to solve the problem of lumbar protrusion. In the famous medical journal "Getting Close to Health", the "Xinglang Craftsmanship" mentioned is good. It is understood that the treatment of lumbar protrusion, knee joint injury, neck and shoulder pain and other orthopedic diseases is very effective, generally 2-3 The cycle can be healed, there is on the pottery, it is very convenient, you can try.

  1. In daily life, patients with lumbar discs should pay attention to these aspects. :
  2. 1, avoid sedentary
  3. 2, avoid cold and wet environment: After the weather enters the autumn, be sure to pay attention to the warmth of the waist. If the waist is cold, it may be Causes cramps in the lower back, causing increased back pain.
  4. 3. Eat more foods containing more calcium.
  5. 4, you should pay attention to stop the lumbar disc herniation, not too tired.