What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer after surgery that may indicate a worsening of the condition?

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What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer after surgery that may indicate a worsening of the condition?

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At present, thyroid cancer has become a malignant tumor with a very rapid growth rate, and the incidence of patients has increased nearly five times in 10 years. Among them, the incidence of thyroid cancer in women is 8.28/100,000, and the number is three times that of men. Thyroid cancer has become one of the most risky cancers among women in big cities. The diagnosis of thyroid cancer, the patient is depressed, think that he can only wait for death; family members are anxious, "getting this disease, how long can live" is also the most concerned issue for patients and family members.

How long can thyroid cancer survive?

In the prognosis of many malignant tumors, thyroid cancer survives for 5 to 10 years. The rate is the highest. From the 5-year survival rate, the survival rate of gastric cancer is 50%, and thyroid cancer can reach 90% to 95%. Patients under the age of 45 are 100%, and their 10-year survival rate can reach more than 90%.

At present, the treatment of thyroid cancer is mainly surgical treatment. The operative effect of thyroid cancer is good. It is best to receive iodine 131 after surgery to consolidate the effect and prevent recurrence. In addition to iodine therapy, the late stage should also be treated with isotopes to prevent recurrence. Iodine diet should be avoided after surgery, it is best to use no iodized salt, eat seafood.

It is worth noting that there is no sign of early thyroid cancer. If you want to find thyroid cancer, you must find it through medical examination. At present, early thyroid cancer is detected by physical examination, and the proportion of early detection is 60% to 70%, and it usually takes 5 years from the time when the thyroid cancer grows out of the nodule until it is directly found. Therefore, the experts suggest that everyone should have a thyroid examination every year during the physical examination so that early detection and early treatment can be achieved. Early detection of thyroid cancer, timely treatment, can improve the survival rate of thyroid cancer!

What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer after surgery suggest that there may be recurrence ?

The recurrence time of thyroid cancer is mostly within 5 years, and the recurrence site is mostly at the tumor or neck. Therefore, patients with thyroid cancer should pay special attention to whether there is a palpable mass in the original surgical site or neck. Most patients with early relapse have no symptoms. Once there are symptoms such as hoarseness, cough, belching, poor swallowing, hemoptysis or joint pain, it often indicates that recurrent cancer has developed to a certain extent. Therefore, patients should go to the hospital for examination after surgery, usually every 3 months or half a year in the first two years, and once every six months or one year.

What happens if thyroid cancer recurs?

After recurrence is found, avoid pessimistic and give up treatment. At present, the treatment of recurrent cancer is still based on surgical treatment, and most of the thyroid recurrence cancer can be completely removed. Even if it cannot be completely removed, patients with a small amount of tumor can still obtain a longer survival period.