Delayed 2 days of regret, this disease every 21 seconds, one person died, the high-risk group pay attention!

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Delayed 2 days of regret, this disease every 21 seconds, one person died, the high-risk group pay attention!

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There are 270 million hypertensive patients in China, which is also a high-risk country with stroke. On average, one person has a stroke every 12 seconds. Every 21 seconds, one person dies from a stroke. 75% of surviving patients have leftovers. Different degrees of disability!

For early detection and early treatment of stroke, there is considerable positive Role, If properly prevented, 80% of strokes can be avoided , less delay, more rehabilitation! If you can get medical treatment as soon as possible, intravenous thrombolysis or intravascular thrombectomy in the time window can significantly reduce the disability rate and save lives.

I said that some time ago, one of my relatives called me at noon. It turned out that the left hand had no strength in the last 2 days, and the walk was unstable. I thought it was too tired to work. So I posted the plaster and then went to the cupping. Who knows that it didn't work, but the symptoms worsened. Then I called to ask what medicine I should take?

As soon as I heard it, I knew that the big thing was not good. I hurriedly asked him to come to the hospital to have an emergency head CT. As expected, CT showed right basal ganglia cerebral infarction and immediately received hospitalization. However, due to the long delay in home, he has missed the golden time of thrombolysis or interventional thrombectomy, and he himself has regretted it.

What is the way to quickly identify a stroke? Let’s take a look at the stroke 120” three-step identification method

High blood pressure is called "silent killer", I am often in clinical practice. It is a pity to think about patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, etc., because they do not pay attention to the control of high blood pressure, because many of them are preventable. Buck Treatment can reduce the risk of heart failure by more than 50%, the risk of myocardial infarction by 20~25%, and the risk of stroke by 35~40%.

Many people ignore the blood pressure because they have no symptoms. Treatment, this is very wrong. At the same time, various false propagandas in the society are everywhere, especially the elderly are particularly deceived. It is recommended not to believe that all kinds of so-called health products and health care products can cure high blood pressure! /p>

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Stroke has brought us a huge hazard, There are common risk factors for stroke What?

High Blood Pressure




Self-sitting, lack of exercise

Overweight or obese

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The stroke is now younger in China, and the average age of onset is more than 10 years ahead of the United States. In this regard, it has already achieved "overtaking the British and American". At the same time, "Heart Stroke" is still high in morbidity, mortality and disability in China.

A big part of this is because you can’t Identifying a stroke, or even knowing that a stroke may have occurred, did not immediately go to the hospital for treatment, always holding the luck of "seeing again, taking a break, taking a nap", the result missed the best solution Tie or interventional treatment time.

Beauty Neurology Department of our hospital Into the doctor ↓↓↓

In 2016, the "Lancet" neurology magazine published the "Stroke 120" by Professor Zhao Jing and Professor Liu Renyu "Methods, through simple digital memory, allow us to identify strokes in the shortest possible time, so that we can get early treatment!

Please remember, If you have these symptoms mentioned in the article, don't hesitate, please call 120 immediately and get medical attention in the shortest time! It is recommended to visit the nearest stroke center!


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