Li Wei died of cancer. Do you know how cancer kills people?

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Li Wei died of cancer. Do you know how cancer kills people?

2018-11-02 10:25:44 291 ℃

A few days ago, Li Wei, who disappeared from the public's field of vision for a long time, finally returned to the public's sight in a special way, that is, a microblog issued by his wife, Havin

A lot of people were shocked after seeing Weibo. The shock was that they had not disclosed the news of Li’s cancer. Many people thought they were The whole family immigrated to the United States to enjoy the blessing, but did not expect to fight cancer for 17 months. What is even more shocking is that such a talented Li Wei, who passed away quietly at this age, regrets.

How cancer causes death

The difference between cancer cells and normal cells is that when cells are damaged and cannot be repaired or senescent, normal cells will become apoptotic (similar In suicide), cancer cells are not regulated by the mechanism of aging, showing excessive growth. This overgrown cell can cause compression of adjacent tissues and can also be transferred to other parts of the body through blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and direct planting.

The common causes of death in patients with cancer include:

Significant organ damage: When tumor cells are transferred to vital organs such as the brain, lungs, and liver, they cause functional damage and failure of these vital organs, eventually leading to death.

Infection: The cancer patients gradually lose their immunity with the consumption of the body. Some normal people will not cause symptoms of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. May be a fatal blow. Once an infection occurs, it is often difficult to control and ultimately leads to death.

Carcinogenicity: The excessive growth of tumor cells will consume a lot of nutrients in the body, and as the disease worsens, many cancer patients will have problems such as insufficient food intake. This "less-in and more-out" state is a very large drain on the body, which is why patients with advanced tumors are very thin. When this weight loss develops into extreme malnutrition, it is a cachexia state. The cachexia not only directly leads to multiple organ failure, but also reduces the body's resistance, while at the same time incorporating infections, metabolic disorders and other issues.

Bleeding: Cancer cells can directly invade blood vessels, causing blood vessels to rupture and causing major bleeding. Some patients with tumors may have problems such as myelosuppression and thrombocytopenia, which can also cause bleeding.

In addition to these main reasons, some people say that many cancer patients are not cancer-caused deaths, but are scared by the word "cancer." Indeed, psychological factors also have a crucial impact on the prognosis of cancer. When the mood is over-depressed, it will not only affect the treatment effect, but also accelerate the deterioration of the disease and eventually lead to death.

In fact, at the current medical level, many cancers, especially early cancers, can reach a cure level, such as early kidney. Cancer, the cure rate in our center can reach 96%. But why are so many people, even celebrities with very good economic conditions, ultimately losing their lives on cancer?

For an early example, Anita Mui, we all know that she died of cervical cancer. In fact, early cervical cancer is not a very malignant tumor, and the five-year survival rate of cervical cancer patients in China can reach 67.6%. After the report, we know that Mei Yanfang discovered cervical cancer very early, but she refused to perform regular treatment in order to preserve her fertility. In the later period, I also saw that my sister was also suffering from cervical cancer. After the chemotherapy, the side reaction was severe, and she refused chemotherapy and chose Chinese medicine treatment. The final result, we all know, the child did not generate, but the life was sent away. In fact, in her medical condition, if she is treated regularly, she will not die.

A lot of cancer patients think that getting cancer is tantamount to death. Going to the hospital not only costs more, but also kills faster. Or some people are afraid of nausea, vomiting and other painful processes in chemotherapy patients, and gave up regular treatment early. Even some people blindly believe in some medical doctors and remedies, which not only delays the timing of treatment, but also merges infections due to irregular treatment, and eventually accelerates death.

Some people still feel that they have no problems in their bodies, and they never check. Or some people feel that they are uncomfortable, but they are worried that they will be afraid of checking out any problems. We can't be afraid to go to the hospital because we are afraid of the disease, afraid to do the inspection. Although the cure rate of many cancers is already high, it is mainly for early cancer patients. If you can do early detection and early treatment, you can achieve good results. Once I found it in the late stage, I am afraid that many people are not so lucky.

Face cancer: Prevention is the best policy. Screening is a strategy, and treatment is the best policy. Early prevention, diligent screening, early treatment, in order to let us enjoy the sunshine of life!