7 proofs that the body \"rust" lived! Those who meet 3 should be trained.

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7 proofs that the body \"rust" lived! Those who meet 3 should be trained.

2018-11-06 10:25:35 271 ℃

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Good health is not only known through physical examination, but also through some simple actions.

Self-checking, if you can't do these 7 moves, then you should really exercise.


When cutting the toenails

Whether the body bends? Discomfort

If you feel strenuous when stretching, you should pay attention to your joints and bones, and beware of arthritis, osteoporosis and other diseases, this may also be the heart out The signal of the problem.

A study published in the American Journal of Physiology found that when the legs are standing, it is impossible to touch the toes, which may be related to arterial stiffness and is a precursor to heart disease.

Countermeasure: 5 minutes of stretching exercises per day can improve this condition, starting from the neck and gradually extending to the arm The parts, shoulders, back and calves are very helpful in promoting blood circulation and joint health.


Do not move your feet

Can you turn around and look back < /strong>

This action tests the body's central muscle strength and flexibility.

If you have difficulty doing it, then you need to pay attention.

Countermeasure: You can often turn the waist, can enhance the function of the waist muscles and joints, and the chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar vertebrae Bone hyperplasia, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatic low back pain, sciatica, etc. also have preventive effects.


Can you kick back to your hips

This is another test The method of body flexibility.

If you feel very difficult to do it, it means that your body's flexibility and strength are not enough.

Country: American private fitness coach Cornell Keane and British private fitness coach Matt Roberts recommended two A simple exercise method:

You can climb the stairs in two steps.

Kick your legs after practice.


When traveling

Be able to stand the box independently Put on the luggage rack

This action can test your back and leg strength, and people with poor back strength are easily plagued by chronic backache.

Countermeasure: "Reverse walking" can enhance the strength of the back muscles and strengthen the stability and flexibility of the lumbar spine. Improve the metabolism of the waist tissue and relieve back pain.


Bounce up and down 10 times

See if the heart beats faster >

This is an important indicator for checking heart rate control and cardiovascular health.

If you have a rapid heartbeat, feel flustered, and eliminate the disease factor, you can usually improve it by exercising more.

Countermeasure: You can choose interval training, such as combining fast running and jogging, which can effectively improve endurance and protect the heart.


Get up at 7 in the morning

9 points will be listless

Get up at 7 in the morning, will you feel listless at 9:00? Many people's answer is "yes", which means that you may have fatigued your body because of lack of exercise or sedentary for a long time.

Sports is a recognized energy booster.

A large-scale study involving more than 6,800 people in the US Health Network found that people who have been sitting for a long time have a much reduced fatigue when they exercise regularly.

Country: When commuting by bus, get off at two stops in advance and choose to walk or change on a bicycle. After work;

After 40 minutes of work, office workers can exercise for 5 to 10 minutes.


Can you walk on the duck step

"Duck Step "How did you go?" Slowly squat down to the deepest, then walk around the legs like a duckling.

If you feel acupuncture pain in front of your knee during the squatting process, or feel a sore knee, it may indicate that the knee's tibial cartilage may be damaged.

If the knee is stuck, or if there is significant pain on the inside or outside of the knee, the meniscus may be damaged.

This method has certain requirements for muscle strength and body coordination of the thigh. It is not recommended for people over 50 years old.

Country: Stick to a small movement - straight leg up.

Sit first and keep your knees out of the seat. Then the whole leg is stretched straight and kept in a horizontal state, and at the same time, the tip of the toe is hardly pressed, and the thigh muscle tension is obviously felt at this time.

Strengthen your legs for 30 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, and repeat.

You can do a few of these 7 little tricks. If you don't do well, hurry up and exercise!

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