13 doctors in one department, no one has excessive blood sugar! These sugar control tricks, it’s time for you to know

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13 doctors in one department, no one has excessive blood sugar! These sugar control tricks, it’s time for you to know

2018-11-07 00:25:26 278 ℃

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Jin Jianhong, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview with Hangzhou Daily that 13 doctors in the department did not have blood sugar exceeded the standard. She also kept her girl's body.

"Because you are a professional, know how to control sugar and control your weight."

< Strong>1. Drinking a drink? Do not! Choose tea!

In the view of Chief Physician Jin Jianhong, milk tea and other beverages belong to processed foods. The added ingredients are unknown. Some are called sugar-free, but the actual sugar content and calorie Still high and not healthy.

For endocrinologists, natural ingredients are the best food. Everyone loves tea and doesn't like drinks. Male doctors also like to take a teapot to drink tea at home. “Occasionally, the beverages that are usually taken out for delivery are not used for a long time in the office. Everyone knows that sugary drinks are unhealthy.”

2. Only porridge for breakfast? No, add an egg!

"I usually eat breakfast and rarely choose porridge." Chief physician Jin Jianhong said that although normal people don't have to mind too much, but porridge only Carbohydrates, no fat, fast stomach emptying, and the stomach is very hungry. If it is a diabetic who eats breakfast, it may be 11 o'clock in the morning, there will be symptoms of hypoglycemia such as shaking hands and palpitation.

I really want to eat porridge and porridge. She usually eats another poached egg. The egg has oil and protein to help the body to endure hunger. In her opinion, the best choice for breakfast is dumplings, there are vegetables and meat, fat, protein, carbohydrates are very good.

3. Do you only eat a bowl of noodles? Do not!

"There is a friend around me who is a northwester. His small staple food is a bowl of noodles, mainly carbohydrates. After listening to me, he It is slowly changing, noon or evening meal is not just a bowl of noodles, but also other things such as greens.

No diabetes, but also light The diet is mainly based on low fat and low salt, and the total calories should be controlled.

4. Is it too full for three meals? Do not! Can add meals!

"Controlling the total calories per day is key, as well as limiting junk foods such as high-sugar foods and high-oil foods. For dinner, I suggest that you must not eat too much and too full, and you can choose to add meals between meals.” Gao Shan, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said: Chinese people have eaten too much staple food, pay attention to Eat whole grains and beans.

The fast-processed oatmeal, soy milk powder, etc. are not good, or you should eat more natural grains. Do not eat processed vegetarian foods.

"I usually add some grains to rice when cooking at home. Beans and other beans are added to the porridge. It is very nutritious to eat these foods. I care about my diet and will strictly control it. Daily calorie intake."

5. Western fast food? Do not!

"In the summer vacation, an 18-year-old boy came to see a doctor. He is preparing to study abroad. After the physical examination, he suddenly found blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids, and kidney function. There are abnormalities, not only high uric acid, but also gouty arthritis. The boy is 1 meter 75, weighing 85 kilograms, is relatively fat, and his father is also my diabetic."

Jin Jianhong, chief physician said The boys have good economic conditions at home. Parents usually have no time to take care of them. They often let their children eat foreign fast food. Drinks are even water, and they don’t know that their children are already suffering from diabetes.

6. Eating out: cooking with water

Go outside to eat, the dishes are more oily, you will use the boiling water to smash it again. Chief physician Jin Jianhong said, “If you eat too much at lunch, you will be hungry for dinner. You will also choose a day to go to the valley, or just order a la carte, not to eat rice.”

7. Sports: Find a sport that you can stick to!

"After dinner, I like to go to the stadium of Beijing Normal University for 30 to 40 minutes, 10 rounds around the 400-meter runway. Although the work is busy, but still can adhere to 3 to 5 times a week. In the winter, after a slight sweat, but now it is basically sweating. After normal, I also like to play badminton, climb mountains, every Zhou Hui will go with a few friends."

This is the director of the Endocrinology Department of the Rocket General Hospital. The way the whole people exercise, this method is also recommended to the sugar friends.

Sports can consume energy, not easy to gain weight, help control blood sugar; exercise can also exercise heart function, respiratory function, improve body condition; can also increase insulin sensitivity and help drugs to better effect.

Controlling sugar tricks, forwarding for more people to see!

Control your weight and stay away from diabetes!

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