6-year-old girl in the hospital to cure a cold, after the death of penicillin, the doctor said that it was a snack.

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6-year-old girl in the hospital to cure a cold, after the death of penicillin, the doctor said that it was a snack.

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Warm sunshine, and the spring breeze, children living in the Shiyan Farm area often have to chase and play in such days. However, no one noticed that one of them, Xiaoyu, 6 years old, has not appeared for many days.

Xiao Yu, 6 years old, went to see a doctor for injections. A small cold was not cured, and she also took a young life. What is even more unacceptable is that until now, the doctor who treated the child and the family of Xiao Yu said the opposite of the cause of the child's death. The family thought that the child died of allergies caused by injection of excessive penicillin, but the doctor said that he died because he had eaten his own snacks and stuck his throat.

The child died in the clinic and it was rumbling in the village because Xiaoyu’s family was at the entrance of the hospital. It’s been more than once crying. After the incident, the family members could not find the doctors in the village. They used this method to ask for a statement. Seeing such behavior, the surrounding people chose to call the police. When the police rushed to the scene and tried to persuade Xiaoyu’s family, a man appeared. He claimed to be the nephew of the village doctor Liu Mingchun. He originally wanted to come forward to solve this problem. I didn't expect Xiaoyu's family to see him, and his emotions became more and more exciting. In desperation, Liu Mingchun’s nephew finally left the scene. Xiao Yu’s swearing said that Liu Mingchun’s nephew had seen it before, but he never said anything substantive about the matter.

The family of Xiaoyu wants to know the whereabouts of the village doctor Liu Mingchun, about ten minutes later, Xiaoyu’s The mother returned home with the support of everyone. Xiaoyu’s mother, Zhu Lijie, said that when the child was a little coughing, she led the injection to the health clinic. Liu Mingchun said that the child’s throat was not good, and the throat was a bit red, and he had to fight penicillin. She said that she would first testify. Zhu Lijie remembered that the doctor had done a test for the child about ten minutes later. The doctor observed that the needle in the child’s hand said that there was no problem and started to hang. There were a lot of patients coming to the clinic on the same day. Xiao Yu’s mother remembered that after Liu Mingchun had given Xiao Yu a little bit of it, she was busy going to see other patients. After seeing her daughter's abnormality, Zhu Lijie shouted Liu Mingchun and saw Xiaoyu yelling at the stomach and began to vomit. Liu Mingchun immediately pulled the needle. Not long after, Liu Mingchun told Zhu Lijie that the child was shocked and needed to go to other places for treatment. However, when Zhu Lijie and her husband Liu Zhanyu hugged the children to the hospital, the children in their arms had gradually lost their breath.

So far, the family has advised Zhu Lijie to quickly clarify the cause of the child’s accidental death. Therefore, Zhu Lijie chose the police, Liu Zhanyu wanted to go to the health center to take the bottle of the child dripping, but the other party refused to give. At the beginning, Liu Mingchun also admitted that he was giving penicillin to his children. But when the staff of the Health Bureau came to seal up the drugs that night, Liu Mingchun said that he was fighting anti-inflammatory drugs. From that moment on, the cause of Xiao Yu’s death was determined, and there was a disagreement between the family and the doctor.

Since the second day of the haircut, the Shiyan Town Health Center has been locked. The villagers said that the clinic was very close to the area and there were many people who came to see the doctor every day. According to Zhu Lijie, the daughter of the fish restaurant visited the doctor that day, and she said that the doctor was actually penicillin. On the second day, the forensic doctor dissected Xiao Yu’s body. The specific reason was not known until the autopsy report came out.

After several calls, the reporter finally contacted Liu Mingchun, who said on the phone that he was playing that day. Pioneer, as for why he was closing the next day because the other party lost his daughter and became too aggressive and threatened to kill her. She felt that there was no way to talk about it, so she asked the other party to go through the judicial process. This is the judicial procedure that the Liu family could not accept. She always thinks that the child's death is because the child has stuck with the scorpion and allergies when eating, so he will let the husband pull Xiaoyu to the upper level hospital to rescue. Even saying that Xiaoyu did not die at that time, he could still be rescued in a higher level hospital.

A doctor in the hospital said that the general time for penicillin susceptibility is 15-30 minutes, and Liu Mingchun's test Min is in 10 minutes, this time is not enough. Moreover, the symptoms of cough and vomiting that Xiaoyu responded to at the time did not rule out the symptoms manifested by the inability to breathe. Allergies to penicillin can cause shock, low blood pressure, edema of the throat, and rapid allergies can easily endanger the patient's life.

For family members, no matter what kind of result, they can't change their lives. They didn't think of a small one. A small cold will make my daughter lose her life. I would like to remind you that at the time of treatment, you must remember to ask for medical receipts after you have prescribed medicines. In the event of a dispute in the future, it is easy to maintain your legal rights.