How long does chemotherapy work without chemotherapy? The oncologist finally said the truth!

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How long does chemotherapy work without chemotherapy? The oncologist finally said the truth!

2018-11-10 20:25:24 427 ℃

The economy is developing, technology is improving, living standards are improving, and various types of cancer are increasing. Some cancers are even unheard of. When it comes to cancer, there are naturally two issues that everyone cares about. The first is the treatment of cancer, and the second is how long it will last after suffering from cancer. The second question is closely related to the first question. The life span of cancer patients depends largely on the treatment.

Among the many treatments for cancer, one is called chemotherapy, and many people must have heard of it. Chemotherapy can kill cancer cells directly, which in a sense can prolong the lifespan of cancer patients and even help cure cancer. Of course, the side effects of this treatment are also very large. The most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, hair loss and other adverse symptoms. These symptoms will stop with the stop of chemotherapy, and the hair will fall off after the chemotherapy is over. Re-growth. The most I want to talk to you today is not the side effects of chemotherapy, but whether chemotherapy can prolong the life expectancy of cancer patients. If so, how long can it be extended?

How long does chemotherapy work?

Treatment of cancer It is necessary to grab time. The sooner the cancer is discovered, the sooner it can be treated, and better feedback can be obtained. So in the end, chemotherapy can prolong the life expectancy of cancer patients. First of all, we must see when the chemotherapy started. When is the time for cancer patients to start treatment, and the disease has progressed to which step, which affects the effect of chemotherapy. the elements of. If you are in the early stages of cancer, you can achieve the perfect outcome of recovery through chemotherapy or other treatments. If you have developed advanced cancer, it is another matter.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, people who cannot fully guarantee chemotherapy will certainly live longer than those who do not. The life expectancy of cancer patients cannot be directly proportional to chemotherapy. The disease is There is no way to divide the standard. Any one factor may bring about a change in the disease. In addition to the objective factors mentioned above, there are some subjective factors that affect the development of the disease and the effect of the treatment, such as patients. Whether the emotions are positive or pessimistic, whether the patient has a strong desire to survive, these will have an impact on the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

The patient's desire for survival has played a very important role in the overall treatment of cancer. We have already mentioned that the side effects of chemotherapy are many, and the whole process of chemotherapy is quite painful. If there is no strong desire for survival, no firm will, no courage to face the disease and pain, then the patient may give up at any time. Treatment, even if you don't give up treatment, there is no positive attitude to face, and the treatment effect will be discounted. Among the many cancer patients, because they actively cooperate with treatment, optimistic about the disease, strong against the disease, and finally the results of the treatment is more than expected or even cured, and those who suffer from grief, complaints, and even death are often treated. Not good. In the face of treatment, personal wishes can not be ignored.

Chairman Mao said that the body is the capital of the revolution. If you can develop good habits when you are healthy, do not smoke, drink alcohol, stay up late, and always keep yourself in a healthy state. It is the best. Never feel that you are still young, your body is not bad, you are desperate to overdraw your life, because you don't know how much health is in your life, you don't know when you will spend your health. If you are accidentally stared at by cancer, then what we can do is to fight the disease in the end, to fight the disease with a positive attitude, to use our courage and strength to demonstrate to the cancer, do not easily give each other Give in, you give life a little more persistence, maybe it will give you a miracle.