The rural fishermen told us that the four most nutritious fish were not fooled by the fish.

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The rural fishermen told us that the four most nutritious fish were not fooled by the fish.

2018-11-10 20:25:24 371 ℃

The unpolluted countryside has a lot of rare flora and fauna resources. In the clear rivers, the fish and shrimp rocks are visible at a glance, but as the modernization process accelerates, the countryside is gradually being affected, and in some suburban areas. The ecology can no longer be restored to the past, and some cherished animals have begun to lose track. These wild fish have been hard to find recently. Xiaobian introduces the four most nutritious wild fish today.

1, squid

Squid is the most common freshwater fish in life, usually people like it Use it to drink soup, whether it is weak after illness, or after women have children, people like to drink some squid soup to regulate the body, squid soup is rich in protein, and its protein is easy to digest and absorb Usually, drinking squid soup can also spleen and dampness, and it can be used in the appetite. It has obvious therapeutic effects on human spleen and stomach weakness and body edema, as well as ulcer disease and bronchitis and asthma.

2, squid

Squid tofu soup is a common home-cooked soup. The soup is fresh and delicious, and the fish is tender and smooth. It is a delicious dish that no one can refuse. In the best season for eating squid, it is best to eat between Zhongchun (Zhongchun, the second month of spring, that is, February of the lunar calendar) and midsummer. So eating it this season is very suitable. In addition to the nutritional value of common fish, squid contains more protein and fat, has a good nourishing effect on people with weak and malnourished, and is also a must-have for women's postpartum diet nourishing. Has a certain therapeutic effect and medicinal value. Eat it can strengthen the bones and longevity.

3, squid

This fish is bare and has no meat, it is a kind of meat Sexually-oriented omnivorous fish with delicate meat and firm taste. Stingray is rich in protein, mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium. It has rich nutrient content and high medicinal value. The stingray is sweet and sweet, can benefit the spleen and stomach, diuretic swelling, hurricane hangover, clearing away heat, removing phlegm and relieving cough, and getting through the milk. However, patients with dysentery, breast bronchial asthma, lymphadenopathy, cancer, lupus erythematosus and stubborn pruritic skin disease are not eaten or cautiously eaten.

4, turtles

The nutritional value of turtles is very high, and the turtles are not only rich in The protein and the turtle also contain a variety of trace elements that the human body needs. Regular turtle eating can be a good health effect. The turtle can bring us a healthy body. In addition, the turtle is also rich in high-quality protein, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc., rich in nutrition. The soup made by combining the soft-shelled turtle with the scorpion has a good effect on improving the body's immunity, slimming and anti-aging.