alert! The flu season is coming, and the elderly and children should pay special attention to these points!

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alert! The flu season is coming, and the elderly and children should pay special attention to these points!

2018-11-14 00:25:18 349 ℃

One week ago, Salsa, who was in elementary school, had a cold, runny nose and high fever. After going to the hospital, the doctor suggested taking a rest at home. Salsa’s parents were busy at work, so the burden of care was given to Salsa’s grandparents. Unexpectedly, two days later, Salsa's condition was just right, Grandpa also caught a cold. Grandpa had a heart dysfunction. He had not been able to get better after 2 days at home. As a result, he was unable to breathe. He was sent to the emergency department to find pneumonia with acute left heart failure. .

The annual autumn and winter season is a good time for upper respiratory tract infections. According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 650,000 people worldwide die from flu-related diseases every year.

So how do we prevent the flu?

The following high-risk groups should pay special attention to prevention:

Pregnant women,Children, Infants,

Elderly,Chronic patients

Medical staff.

These are all high-risk people with the flu.

Influenza often causes serious consequences in frail people. But young people also need to be vigilant, because when the flu virus invades the heart muscle, it can lead to a more dangerous disease: viral myocarditis. Healthy young people may also suffer from this disease, with premature beats, heart failure, and even explosive myocarditis, which has been reported in newspapers and various media in recent years. In severe cases, the patient is seriously ill and has a high mortality rate, which causes great pain to the family.

We should do the following:

1, We should pay attention to the increase or decrease of clothes according to the weather conditions, try to avoid cold, can not wear too much. Children should pay special attention.

2, Pay attention to the reasonable balance diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, especially some foods rich in vitamin C, such as Say kiwi, orange, orange, etc.

3, To keep sleep, stay up late, strengthen exercise, and do more aerobic exercise, which can improve Adapt to the environment's ability to enhance the body's immunity. Nowadays, young people often play games all night and night, drinking karaoke all night, and as a result, their body resistance is reduced and they are prone to illness.

4, Pay attention to washing hands to prevent illness from entering the mouth. There are standard hand washing methods below. Everyone tries to wash their hands as standard and reduce the bacteria. Spread.

5, If there is a flu patient at or near the home, we should promptly < Strong> Wear a mask to prevent infection, the patient should be properly isolated, especially to avoid direct contact between the frail elderly and children.

6, Also pay attention to the air circulation in the room, often open the window for ventilation, due to the cold winter, many families are closed doors and windows Therefore, the ventilation conditions are not good and the air quality is not good. If conditions permit, you can also consider purchasing UV lamps to disinfect the room.

7, In the high season of flu, if it is not necessary, you should try to reducego to densely populated public places to Reduce the chance of being infected by a virus.

8, For flu, the best way to do this is to prevent it, especially for high-risk groups.

The seasonal flu vaccine is usually protected for 6-8 months, while the southern province vaccine is recommended for vaccination from October to November every year. The protection is declining.

As long as these points are met, the likelihood of our flu will be greatly reduced, of course, if you are not careful Still get the flu, it is recommended to see a doctor in time, pay attention to isolation, pay more attention to rest, drink plenty of water. In particular, we must pay attention to the observation of changes in the condition, early detection of viral myocarditis, heart failure, severe pneumonia and other serious conditions.

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