These 10 people bring "tumor immunity", are you one of them?

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These 10 people bring "tumor immunity", are you one of them?

2018-11-14 00:25:21 402 ℃

Even after the development of science and technology, everyone still avoids the word of the tumor, and thinks that having a tumor is the end of the world. But in fact, actively improving our daily habits can greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

If you have 10 types of people, such as more exercise and good sleep, you will have a "tumor immunity". Come and see if you are one of them!

The first type: people who sweat every day

Let the body maintain a good metabolism, can effectively prevent many diseases, and every day through exercise Sweat can enhance the body's immunity, accelerate the metabolism of our body, and maintain a better physical state.

Second: People who are far from fried foods

Fried chicken, fried dough sticks, and various puffed foods sold in supermarkets are all fried foods. These foods are very high in fat and calories, and eating too much can cause obesity.

In addition, the oil used in the frying process may be used repeatedly, which produces a large amount of carcinogens.

So fried foods not only cause obesity, but also increase the risk of cancer.

The third type: people who drink soy milk

Beans Classes and soy products are rich in high-quality protein and are high-nutrition foods.

In addition, it contains soy isoflavones with certain anti-cancer effects, so it is recommended to drink more soy milk and eat more bean food such as tofu.

Fourth: People who often add cellulose

The foods rich in cellulose and beans are similar, and cellulose will speed up. The peristaltic speed of the large intestine promotes defecation and also has a certain anti-cancer effect.

The vegetables and fruits that we often eat, as well as the grains and sweet potatoes such as brown rice and sweet potatoes, basically contain cellulose.

Fifth: People who love green tea

Food Safety-related research has found that teas generally contain anti-cancer substances such as green tea and black tea. Among them, green tea contains about five times more anticancer substances than other teas.

Sixth: People who sit on less than one stop

A lot of people are used to sedentary, especially office workers, but such a life Habits are not good, long-term sedentary will affect the blood circulation, but also easy to accumulate belly fat, causing obesity, thereby increasing the risk of tumors and many other diseases.

Seventh: People with good sleep

Good Sleep plays an important role in the metabolism of the human body. The normal sleep time should be no less than 7 hours per day. The lack of long-term sleep time or poor sleep quality will increase the risk of cancer.

The eighth: people who often supplement vitamin D

A study found that plasma vitamin D levels are negatively correlated with the risk of many cancers. These include lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and many other cancers.

Fish, fruits, vegetables, etc. are all rich in vitamin D, usually eat more. In addition, more sun exposure can also help to supplement vitamin D.

The ninth: people who eat nuts

Nuts Some of the cellulose contained can play an anti-cancer effect.

Tenth: People who are screened for cancer

A regular physical examination can detect the disease early and treat it to prevent further deterioration. Early treatment of many cancers can often achieve good results.

These ten people are actually representatives of ten good behavioral habits, as long as we can and maintain Habits can also become a "shield" for cancer, away from cancer.