There are 4 bad habits for dinner, blood sugar will be worse, diabetes will get closer to uremia!

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There are 4 bad habits for dinner, blood sugar will be worse, diabetes will get closer to uremia!

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Dinner is the "cornerstone" for controlling blood sugar. Eating well not only affects the stability of blood sugar on the day, but also affects the level of blood sugar on the next day. Diabetes patients should pay special attention to the diet of dinner, reasonable mix, nutritious diet, and help stabilize blood sugar.

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But due to work Due to factors such as the environment, some sugar friends often do not have a healthy and nutritious meal. Some people think that they have to eat in the unit during the day, and they have to eat well at night. Some sugar friends have to eat at night, but they can't control their diet. Dinner is often more abundant. This is very unfavorable for controlling blood sugar.

Dining has 4 bad habits that will boost blood sugar "moment" and seriously threaten the health of diabetics :

It’s too late to eat, can’t be digested before going to bed; eat too rich or too light, blood sugar is high and low; order takeaway or eat outside, high salt and high oil diet; The nutritional mix is ​​unreasonable, more than enough, more fine grains and less coarse grains.

Eating dinner or a delicious evening snack

To control long-term blood sugar, diabetic dinner In addition to avoiding bad eating habits, you should also have a proper "diet" strategy. Insist on the 4-point diet principle:

Timing principle, try to eat before 7:00

Dining too early to wait until bedtime Will feel hungry, easy to produce low blood sugar, eat too late to sleep before going to bed, high blood sugar will affect sleep. Therefore, the sugar friends try to finish the dinner at 7 o'clock. After eating, choose some minor exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, and doing exercises, which will help to consume excess capacity and lower blood sugar levels.

Quantitative principle, 7 minutes for dinner is appropriate.

Night After all, there is less exercise and consumption than during the day, so dinner should adhere to the 7-point full diet principle. This is especially true for some patients with obesity, which helps control sugar while controlling blood sugar stability. If you are worried about being hungry before going to bed, you can eat low-sugar fruits or nuts after meals.

Pinusin with the principle of less oil and less salt to control sugar

Dinner is too rich or too light will have adverse blood sugar control. Adhere to the principle of succulent collocation, can be 2 荤 2 vegetarian, can also be 2 荤 3 vegetarian, according to their own situation can be matched. Regardless of the cooking method of the vegetarian diet, it is best to cook and fry, less frying, grilling, less oil, salt, sugar and other ingredients.

Whole grains

The principle of thick and thin matching, more comprehensive nutrition

"What do you eat on the staple food? How to eat it is more helpful in lowering blood sugar "" has always been a concern for people with diabetes. Some people do not eat staple food for dinner in order to control their weight. In fact, this is very unfavorable for controlling blood sugar, which can easily cause hypoglycemia.

If you want to eat the nutrients, you can eat enough, it will not let the blood sugar rise, the staple food can choose the thickness. The coarse grains can be selected from oats, brown rice, corn, millet and rice. The raw materials for taro and noodles can be selected as coarse grains, and sweet potatoes can be used instead of fine pasta. Both are conducive to the stability of blood sugar levels.