scare! No bad habits, 3 post-90 girls lung cancer late! All women must be vigilant!

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scare! No bad habits, 3 post-90 girls lung cancer late! All women must be vigilant!

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24-year-old girl Xiaoyun (a pseudonym)

Touched a small lump on the neck,

A check was actually a late stage of lung cancer.

Recently, in the Fujian Cancer Hospital,

has received three young girls,

are similar.


In recent years, the incidence of lung cancer has been rising and the incidence has changed. In the past, most of the lung cancer patients were elderly men. Nowadays, the incidence of young and middle-aged women is increasing. The higher.

A cigarette has not been taken

Girl Lung cancer

Graduation from Xiaoyun University, just arrived in New Zealand for further study, suddenly touched a lump on the neck, about peanuts, not painful.

A few months later, the mass grew to the broad bean. The local hospital filmed that her lungs were abnormal. Xiaoyun immediately returned to Fuzhou. After further examination at the Provincial Cancer Hospital, she was confirmed to be in the advanced stage of lung adenocarcinoma and had lost her chance of surgery.

Xiaoyun and her mother cried with a headache. She said: No smoking at home, no family history, she rarely cooks,

I don’t touch soot, how can I suddenly get lung cancer? ?

After genetic testing, doctors found that Xiaoyun's ALK gene was mutated to induce lung cancer. Fortunately, there is a class of targeted drugs that can specifically treat this type of lung cancer. At present, Xiaoyun takes medicine at home and his condition is relatively stable.

In the near future, the hospital also received two young girls. Like Xiaoyun, they are only in their 20s. They have no bad habits. They all touched a lump on their neck. It is advanced in lung cancer.

The hospital's chief physician of chest tumors said that the growth of tumors was a slow process, most of them were middle-aged, but in recent years, more and more young patients. Studies have confirmed that there are some driving genes in the human body, such as EGFR, ALK, etc. These gene mutations are closely related to lung cancer.

According to statistics, about 50% of lung adenocarcinoma patients in China have a driving gene mutation. Among them, about 60-80% of non-smokers, women, and adenocarcinoma patients have driving gene mutations.

Fortunately, there are targeted targeted drugs that have a good effect. Therefore, many women with lung cancer may have longer survival than men.

Increased female patients

Multiple factors

In April of this year, a unit in Fujian organized a medical examination. In one of the departments, only 22 people found out that 4 lung cancer patients were women, and the youngest was only 36 years old. They don't smoke or drink, most of them are cheerful, they often exercise, and there are no symptoms before the onset.

In recent years, more and more research data suggest that the proportion of non-smokers in the new cases of lung cancer in China is growing! Width! on! Rise!

According to the China Cancer Registry, there are about 730,000 new lung cancers in China each year, of which 30.5% are female patients. This means that 305 of the 1000 lung cancer patients are female lung cancer patients.

Experts revealed that in the past, most of the lung cancer patients were male, mainly squamous cell carcinoma, and closely related to smoking. In recent years, there are more and more female patients, mainly adenocarcinoma, which may be related to genetic mutations and environmental influences.

The latest issue of the 2017 Fujian Cancer Registration Annual Report also pointed out that the occurrence of lung cancer is mainly related to the exposure of smoking and second-hand smoke, environmental problems such as oil smoke at high temperature and particulate matter in air pollution, and long-term Staying up late, stress, etc. are also high risk factors.

Young people every two years

You can do this check

Female friends don’t want this Panic, avoid smoking, second-hand smoke; pay attention to the clean and ventilated kitchen, open the range hood before cooking, turn off after 3~5 minutes; reduce high-temperature frying, try to choose steamed vegetables, boiled vegetables, stewed dishes, etc. .

Lung cancer is mostly derived from small nodules, but lung cancer and lung nodules can not be drawn equal. Once pulmonary nodules are found, multidisciplinary treatment should be used to avoid over-treatment and treatment.

Lung cancer is very embarrassing, it is difficult to find early, more than 70% of patients have reached the middle and late stage of treatment, the 5-year survival rate is only about 15%.

Especially young patients, mostly without symptoms, therefore, high-risk groups do at least one low-dose spiral CT every year.

The lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged, which may be caused by malignant tumors. If there is a painful mass in the neck, you should see a doctor promptly.

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