Is ejaculation safe in vitro? Male doctor: These 3 hazards, how many boys will know?

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Is ejaculation safe in vitro? Male doctor: These 3 hazards, how many boys will know?

2018-11-17 20:25:19 321 ℃

A few days ago, Dr. Xiaokang received such a message:

The 16-year-old girl was intimate with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend insisted on using "external ejaculation" to contraception, but she was afraid of "inviting", so she had to come Ask Dr. Xiaokang.

Doctor Xiaokang does not know whether the last sister is successful, only let her go to buy a pregnancy test, in order to be assured.

Not to mention whether this age group can already have sex, but the "external ejaculation" contraceptive method, it is necessary for Dr. Xiaokang to warn you girls and some boys.

In vitro ejaculation, what is it?

The so-called external ejaculation mainly refers to the male approaching the climax. When the ejaculation is about to ejaculate, the artificial interruption of sexual intercourse is taken out and the semen is removed.

This looks like semen doesn't go in. Are you really naive to think that you don't have a shot in the vagina?

But in fact, sperm is not as obedient as you think. Semen usually leaves a few drops from the urethra with vas deferens before ejaculation. Don't underestimate these drops. A drop of semen usually contains 40,000 to 50,000 sperm, which is enough for a woman to become pregnant.

Even if the woman is in the safe period, no one can guarantee that this will not be 100%. ?

Furthermore, in the state where the two emotions are at their peak, how many men can accurately control the time.

In case the male is excited, then the time it takes for the semen to rush in, the contraceptive nature may fail

External ejaculation, there are still two kinds of hazards!

First, it will cause sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and impotence

Because men are in the process of sexual life, they are affected by the cerebral cortex. Under the control, the physiological and psychological stimulation that occurs in sexual life will lead to a series of changes. Men will have rapid heartbeat, rising blood pressure and nervousness.

When it is almost climax, it suddenly breaks down, and the functions of central nerve and lumbar ejaculation center are affected, and it will seriously damage. Its function causes a bad psychology.

After this time, men will be prone to sexual decline, causing premature ejaculation, impotence or ejaculation dysfunction.

Second, it will cause female sexuality

Because of in vitro Ejaculation seems to be scientific, and in fact, unreliable contraceptive methods can greatly undermine the scope of the climax. When sexual life reaches its climax, women are still not fully satisfied.

If a man forces a "brake", the female's excitement suddenly falls and naturally cannot be met. Over time, women will have a feeling of resentment and rejection in their sexual life, causing problems such as indifference.

In addition, some men who are particularly unreliable will adopt "蹭蹭不去去 "The way, but in fact, this method is also the same as this male character, especially unreliable!

Because before the ejaculation, the male urethral gland secretes a small amount of fluid in sexual excitement, and there is also a small amount of sperm in the liquid and prostatic fluid, but it is enough to make the woman pregnant.

It’s blunt, that is, you don’t think that you didn’t see the sperm in, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t!

If there is no need for pregnancy, condoms are one of the most effective forms of contraception,

but the question is why is it so difficult for a man to wear a set?