The woman was misdiagnosed by a doctor and had two suction surgery in 40 days! Was awakened during surgery: What about my uterus?

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The woman was misdiagnosed by a doctor and had two suction surgery in 40 days! Was awakened during surgery: What about my uterus?

2018-11-18 10:25:30 289 ℃

With the continuous development of modern medicine, surgery has become an inevitable experience for all of us. As we all know, doctors are parents, so in general, doctors will do their utmost to ensure the success of the operation. However, Ms. Li, who lives in Chengdu, recently reported to reporters that she had had two consecutive abortions in 40 days, and that she was nervous when she heard the doctor’s words inadvertently during the operation.

According to Ms. Li, she did a painless abortion in a hospital in Chengdu more than a month ago. The operation was very successful and she was very grateful to the doctor for his careful treatment. But after the hospital checked again, the doctor told her that there were still residues in the uterus.

Ms. Li told reporters that at the time, she had abdominal color Doppler ultrasound, ultrasound diagnosis of uterine cavity residual, diameter About 4.5 cm. At the time, Ms. Li was very confused and her surgery was not very successful. How can there be residues? But at the doctor's request and advice, she did a second inhalation surgery.

Ms. Li said that her second surgery was not going well, and she was even awakened from her surgery. Ms. Li said that during the operation, her anesthetic went too fast, and she woke up in pain, but the result was “unexpected discovery”.

The original operating room was responsible for the director of the B-ultrasound and the attending physician. The attending physician said to the director of B Super: "Look, we have inhaled this bottle many times and have not sucked anything. There is no residue in the uterine cavity.

Ms. Li said that when she heard this sentence, she was inflated at the time. Now, she is more worried in her heart, she is a woman, and she has done two people in 40 days. Surgery, does she still have fertility in the future? When it comes to this, Ms. Li can't help but start crying.

It is reported that the hospital has acknowledged the mistake and is willing to compensate Ms. Li for several thousand dollars. However, Ms. Li did not accept it and planned to take legal measures to solve the problem.

This small editor wants to say that since the hospital It is to cure the disease, it should be responsible for the health of each patient, rather than adding more harm to the patient, and Ms. Li is now facing an important issue such as whether a woman can give birth. It is not just a payment. A few thousand dollars can be solved as simple as that.