Dinner determines the length of life? These three minefields can't step on, don't ignore it.

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Dinner determines the length of life? These three minefields can't step on, don't ignore it.

2018-11-18 20:25:32 275 ℃

To say three major problems in life, I think most people are thinking: What to eat in the morning? What to eat for lunch? what's for dinner?

As the food is enriched, we are no longer just filling our stomachs, but we want to eat better and healthier.

This has gradually formed a pattern like this: Breakfast is sloppy, lunch is easy to deal with, and dinner is rich.

So, the new question will come----

Eat much at night, don't exercise, be careful with long meat!

Eat less at night, don't add meals, be careful not to sleep in the middle of the night!

The dinner, after eating, or not? How to solve this century's problems?

Dinner determines the length of life? In fact, it’s not so exaggerated

A lot of articles have been written on the Internet, all of which read: “Don’t eat dinner and be careful about cancer”, “Eat dinner and be careful to get fat”...

However, although it is the last meal of three meals a day, it is too exaggerating to say that it determines the length of life, but the health problems that arise are also alive.

For most of the health, if you don't eat dinner, other lifestyle habits have not changed.

So for a month, you will find yourself like this----

This is because the body lacks the energy needed for normal physiological activities, which is what we often say - malnutrition. Occasionally, there is nothing to eat two meals, but after a long time, it will inevitably destroy the gastrointestinal function, and the endocrine is naturally affected.

For people who are ill, whether it is routine treatment or surgery, if you do not eat dinner, it will affect the adequate supply of nutrients. Don't eat dinner, the energy is always almost, how can the body survive?

A healthy dinner, these 3 minefields can't step on!

First, sleep after eating

A typical dinner, at least 3 hours before bedtime b>.

The normal digestive system takes 4 to 6 hours to empty the body's food and thus absorb nutrients from the food. If you sleep after eating, the food has not been completely digested, and the stomach is still working, which will inevitably affect normal sleep and cause stomach diseases.

Second, eat too much

If breakfast protein Insufficient, and at night, there is excess protein, so the efficiency of protein utilization will decrease, and the muscles of the body will be easily lost. Therefore, people who eat the same amount of food will naturally become obese.

Therefore, the ingredients for dinner should not be too greasy, and the cooking should be as light as possible. Fish, meat, seafood should not add up to one or two, and the dinner is controlled at 7 minutes.

You may ask, this "7 points full" is probably How do you feel?

In fact, your stomach has not risen, and there is not much burden, but you don't want to eat anything, just habitually eat a few more mouthfuls. However, if you take it away at the time, it is not appropriate to regret it, and you will not be hungry before going to bed.

However, for people who are losing weight, it’s probably 5 points full----I don’t feel hungry, but I want to eat some more, a little bit before going to bed. Hungry.

Third, easy to eat

You may ask, don't you want to eat rich, shouldn't dinner be simple?

It’s true that you shouldn’t eat too greasy at night, like braised pork, fried chicken, etc., can avoid it, but we can’t just take some fruit to dinner.

The fruit is rich in various vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fiber and health-friendly Antioxidant substances such as polyphenols and flavonoids. But fruit is still fruit, sugar is too fat to eat too much, and when eating, people tend to relax and eat too much.

Therefore, the meat should be eaten at dinner, but to "eat meat", consider stewing chicken, Steamed fish, beef sauce, boiled shrimp... The protein is also rich, but the fat is much less.

If the dinner only eats fruit, although the heat does reach the gap. But in the long run, carbohydrate is insufficient, protein is seriously deficient, and fatty acids are not available.

So, it’s bound to lead to a situation like this: The stomach is not full, the nutrition is lacking,

What are you doing, what else? Strength to lose weight?