What are the effects on long-term differences between husband and wife?

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What are the effects on long-term differences between husband and wife?

2018-11-19 20:25:43 397 ℃

Inadvertently seeing such a question, I find it very interesting. I want to talk to you about this issue today.

In the concept of health care in ancient China, there is such a saying that "yin and yang reconciliation", "picking yin and yin", "picking yin and yang", the wisdom of ancestors also believes that regular sexual life is no matter It plays an important role in both men and women's health. Of course, there is still an important point to emphasize here. It is the "law". If you are over-involved, you will not be able to maintain your health, and you may be hurt.

Is the wisdom of the ancestors right? If the husband and wife have no sex for a long time, will it affect their health?

In addition to fertility, sexual life has a certain impact on the physical and mental health of both men and women.

First from a male perspective:

If a man has no sex for a long time, it will lead to long-term congestion of the prostate, and the chance of causing chronic prostatitis will be Raise. At the same time, the lack of the same room for a long time will also lead to increased sensitivity, and the incidence of problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation will also increase significantly.

If men are satisfied with their sexual ability and can be satisfied, it is more conducive to the stability of androgen levels in the body, so that men remain confident. Men who are satisfied with their sexual life look more radiant and full of red light.

Second from a female perspective:

If women do not have a long-term The same room will affect the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa. When they are in the same room again, the chances of having sexual intercourse pain and vaginal dryness are also significantly increased. In addition, women have no sexual life for a long time, and will also have a certain impact on endocrine, leading to endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, decreased resistance, hemorrhoids and other problems.

The above mentioned adverse effects on the health of both men and women refer to the absence of sex for a long time. However, in today's society, the long-term difference between the husband and wife does not mean that they have no sex life. If the husband and wife feel irritated and depressed, but the other party is happy and full of red light, then you need to be alert to whether someone has gone out to open the gap?

Both husband and wife:

The long-term differences between husband and wife will also have a negative impact on each other's mood. It causes problems such as irritability, anxiety, nervousness, etc., and it is easy to cause couples to quarrel, etc., resulting in family disharmony. When people are in a bad emotional environment for a long time, it will also lead to an increase in the incidence of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors.

The harmonious relationship between husband and wife will produce good emotions. This benign emotion will not only increase people's self-confidence, but also rejuvenate their youth. It is also conducive to improving the body's immunity and reducing the occurrence of various diseases.

Overall, if the husband and wife have different rooms for a long time, it may affect the health of both parties. But what is more important is the views of both husband and wife on this matter. If you can't have sex because of health problems, and both husband and wife agree on the matter and don't feel dissatisfied, there is no problem.

Compared with a harmonious sex life, a harmonious relationship is more important!