When is the best exercise in the day?

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When is the best exercise in the day?

2018-11-29 20:25:38 397 ℃

One side is a popular young night run; while the WeChat friend circle is crazy: evening exercise is equal to chronic suicide! The elderly have fallen ill after organizing the night running team. Others say that the time of exercise is against the body's biological clock, which is harmful.

When is the best exercise in the day?

Whenever you exercise best, you can only have time to work before or after work.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of early morning sports and evening sports?

early morning exercise:

Get up early, get up early, get good, early Exercise seems to be the most recognized exercise time for people.

1. Early morning exercise has a good fat-reducing effect

Because we have not eaten all night, our body mainly relies on storing energy, fat, to supply energy. So the morning fasting exercise will actually burn more fat. However, the morning exercise also faces the problem of insufficient blood sugar supply, and the exercise should not be particularly intense.

2. Early morning exercise can improve daytime work efficiency

Yes, early morning exercise can increase the metabolic level of the day. Many people feel that after a morning run, they are refreshed all day long. This feeling will be very noticeable when you start exercising, but after a few days of persistence, there may be significant attenuation.

Because of the accumulation of fatigue for a few days, coupled with the lack of sleep caused by early morning, if you go to work at 8:00 and want to exercise early, you may have to get up at 5 o'clock. So I had to sacrifice some entertainment time the night before and fall asleep earlier.

This is an important reason why early exercise is difficult to adhere to. However, if you can get through this period smoothly and let the body get used to this rhythm, the state of the spirit of the whole day will come back again, and the work efficiency will be higher.

Night sports:

1, evening sports It's easier to stick to it

Especially for young people today, people will rent a house near the company for a little more sleep, even eating breakfast on the road. It can be seen that it is easier to stick to exercise in the evening.

2, night exercise helps sleep

Studies have shown that within 1-2 hours after exercise, physical fatigue will gradually reflect. This time is very suitable for falling asleep, so after running, take a shower, sort out, just enter the rhythm of sleep.

3. Evening exercise is also good for weight loss

Compared with morning exercise, the ability to lose weight at night is not bad. Because proper dinner can make people who exercise at night have better sports performance, and don't add food after the end of the exercise, let alone be attracted to the barbecue stall, the effect of weight loss is also very impressive.

If you are very hungry, apples, oranges and other fruits are very good choices.

Whether you choose to exercise at the same time in the morning or at night, it is easier to turn the sport into a habit.

If you exercise once in a few months, ask good morning or good evening. That's completely redundant.

I advise you not to exercise anymore. Sudden exercise not only has no effect on health, but also is very prone to sports injuries.

No matter what kind of exercise, if you don't insist, don't talk about the effect.