The health of the tens of billions of health empire, debunking more terrible truth than the Putian system

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The health of the tens of billions of health empire, debunking more terrible truth than the Putian system

2018-12-27 10:25:22 238 ℃

These days, the medical circle bombed again.....

Yesterday (December 25 ), Dr. Clove released a "10 billion health empire, and the Chinese family in its shadow" constantly brushed the screen to the major social platforms.

The article tells about a four-year-old girl Zhou Yang who suffers from cancer. She was expected to be cured according to conventional treatment, but she died because of the intervention of Quanjian Company.

And Quanjian responded that this was a business slogan, saying that the article was untrue, asking for retraction and apologizing. The doctors in response to the cloves are all facts, they will not delete the manuscript, and they are responsible for each word.

The father of a girl with cancer also supports the doctor of cloves. He believes that the bloody reality is in front of him. He is neither coveting money nor coveting power. The only purpose is to hope more people understand the truth. The tragedy is no longer occur.

The two collided with each other, and they also made great interest in the company.

There are many barbaric growth in the health industry behind the billion-dollar health

With the help of high-priced health insoles and negative ion sanitary napkins, under the cover of more than 7,000 franchised fire treatment shops, only took a short 14 years in our country. The market is built into a health empire with annual sales of nearly 20 billion.

A 100,000+ article once again put this company on the cusp, no doubt Unveiled the shortcomings and shortcomings of the Chinese health care market.

From the emergence of 30 years of health care products to the establishment of health food naming 20 years ago, how can a good industry go to this day?

Health culture, spawned health market

in 50 years Before, people believed in glucose, vitamin B2, B1, etc., as well as injection preparations containing phosphorus and androgen. Therefore, "Western medicine tonic" became a health care at that time.

With the reform and opening up and the development of the market economy, "health" and "eat supplement" have become the focus of the daily life of the people.

Health products have also changed with the market's preferences, more and more patterns, products are more and more bizarre, health care products are not satisfied with food, even wearing clothing and daily necessities, are crowned "Health care", "treatment" and other labels.

How has the "Blue Hat" faced in the past 20 years?

From the 1980s, various kinds of Bunao oral liquid and health nutrition powder became a symbolic collective memory of children of that era. There were statistics, Children over 10 years old in the top ten cities such as Beishangguang take a variety of oral medications, up to 83%.

In the 1990s, a person with only primary education introduced a "Zhou Lin Spectrum Analyzer" in his own name.

It’s just a simple heat-generating infrared device. Because of the fabulous propaganda, it’s the inscription “Blessing”, such as the president of the Academy of Medical Sciences, which not only goes deep into thousands of households, but also creates an unwarranted medical "Spectrum Medicine."

In 1995, it claimed to extract a large amount of nutrients from Chinese sturgeon, accompanied by traditional Chinese herbal medicine, plus the national track and field team. Ma Jiajun, let this "Chinese glutinous rice" become the best-selling product at that time.

But it was discovered through exposure that these so-called cockroaches are just saccharin synthesis. For a time, this long-lasting magical medicine was also ridiculed as "a king to raise a factory".

Health products, is there any effect?

In fact, the vast majority of health care products are “expanded by small”, some are “linked” with nutrients, and some are repackaged with traditional “tonic” or “tonic”, such as Ginseng, bird's nest, donkey-hide gelatin, etc.

Either experimental or clinical data, or chemical composition analysis, traditional supplements have no so-called health effects, and some even lack basic nutritional components.

Because there are no standardized health food standards and methods in China, the ambiguous efficacy and evaluation criteria have led to confusion between health care products and drugs.

The newly revised Food Safety Law of 2015, the health food is included in the supervision and management of special foods, and the health foods are clearly defined. The functions and ingredients should be consistent with the labels and instructions, and the advertisements should be specified accordingly.

Although from the legal point of view, it can restrict the flooding of health care products, but some companies have changed their "effects" by word of mouth, and they will continue to brainwash many consumers, such as sales and direct sales. The above news this company.

Finally, remind the people of the world that water can also overturn the boat.

No matter how to do things, Xiaocheng relies on cleverness and wins by virtue.

The sage is the king, and the traitor digging the grave.