The death of a 4-year-old girl Zhou Yang! In China, all health products are deceptive

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The death of a 4-year-old girl Zhou Yang! In China, all health products are deceptive

2018-12-27 10:25:26 586 ℃

Article source: Sanjia Fax

From yesterday, an article entitled "The Ten Thousands of Health Empire, and the Chinese Family in Its Shadow" was published on the Internet.

This article is from Dr. Clove, said to be a 4 year old cancer girl named Zhou Yang, a child in Beijing. After several operations in the hospital, the tumor markers were close to normal levels. However, at this time, a health care company called Quan Jian was involved in Zhou Yang's treatment. As a result, Xiao Zhouyang’s family rejected the professional advice of the Beijing Children’s Hospital doctor, temporarily interrupted the hospital’s chemotherapy, and let her daughter eat the company’s health products.

This meal is more than two months until Xiao Zhouyang’s condition deteriorates. But what surprised everyone was that a astounding scene appeared. Just as Xiao Zhou was dying, Xiao Zhouyang’s photos and avatars appeared on major video sites, forums, and social media, saying that she had already regained her life in Quanjian.

The angry father took the billion-dollar health care company to court, and Xiao Zhouyang lost the case. Eight months later, the growing tumor tumor broke the skin of Xiao Zhouyang, and the wound was ulcerated. She died in pain.

For the investigation of Dr. Clove, in the early morning of December 26, Quanjian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. issued a “serious statement” through the official micro-signal, saying that the doctor of clove reported the truth and accused him of “utilizing The false information collected from the Internet has caused suspicion of Quan Jian, seriously infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the right to health, causing the public to misunderstand the Quan Jian brand. The statement also requires that the "Clove Doctor" withdraw the manuscript and apologize, Quan Jian will pass the law Ways to protect their rights and interests.

There is nothing wrong with the two, whether it is revealing or framing. With the continuous involvement of relevant departments, the truth will be clear. However, in this screen-washing incident, the term “health products” once again broke into the public eye. This reminds me of another article that spreads widely on the Internet. "In China, all health products are deceptive." The source of this article is the People’s Daily.

This article reveals that the marketing method of health products is a scam! The definition of health foods in the National Food Safety Standard Foods Health Foods implemented in 2015 is: foods that are claimed to have specific health functions or are intended to supplement vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for consumption by a specific group of people, has the function of regulating the body, does not treat the disease, and does not produce any acute, subacute or chronic harm to the human body. How much health care products have health care functions, national institutions do not have to carry out relevant verification, it depends on how well the health care products companies can "prove" their utility. In 2009, Shenyang City conducted an advertisement survey on randomly selected health foods. It was found that there was a high price in the health food market. The health price of the food price of 6 yuan was 98 yuan, and the sales profit was more than 15 times. In addition, almost all of these advertisements are advertised in the name of drugs.

This year, the comic performance artist Shi Shengjie and the singer Qi Tianyi died of cancer, and the famous CCTV host Li Wei also died of cancer. Therefore, some marketing articles promoting health care products jumped on the circle of friends and promoted the therapeutic effect of health care products. In this regard, I especially want to ask the question, Shi Shengjie, Yan Tianyi and Li Wei, can't afford to eat health products? If health care products can cure all diseases, there is no such thing as a doctor in this world. If health products can eat a disease that doctors can't cure, then the world's pharmaceutical companies should close down.

The lack of supervision and powerlessness lead to chaos. In China, I am afraid that health care products are destined to be a falsely publicized industry for a long time. For ordinary people, what may be able to do is to be a person who refuses health care products from this moment.

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