The natural "thrombotic agent" was found. Put a few pieces of warm water in the morning and evening, clear the blood vessels, and stay away from the cerebral infarction!

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The natural "thrombotic agent" was found. Put a few pieces of warm water in the morning and evening, clear the blood vessels, and stay away from the cerebral infarction!

2018-12-27 10:25:29 244 ℃

It is very important, especially when the blood vessels in the brain are intricate, and if there is a problem with the blood vessels, it is easy to cause diseases such as hemiplegia and cerebral infarction.

Maintaining the cerebral blood vessels requires clearing the blood vessels in time to reduce the incidence of cerebrovascular diseases.

The cause of cerebral vascular occlusion, from the human carotid artery, the carotid artery can be called in the blood vessel "Yumenguan" is a very important part. When the carotid artery forms a blood clot, it will reduce the blood flow of the brain. When these "plug blocks" enter the cerebral blood vessels, it will easily lead to cerebral infarction when the blood vessels are blocked.

Once these 5 major symptoms appear, be alert to the cerebral infarction!

1, frequent dizziness and headaches

There are many situations that cause dizziness. People with low blood sugar and tired work are more common physical reactions, but when you are in a period of time Inside, frequent dizziness should be vigilant, most likely caused by hypoxia caused by cerebral vascular occlusion.

The more obvious people will also have unstable standing or even fainting to the ground. Serious severe headaches will occur. Coughing headaches will increase and they will wake up at night.

2, yawning

Frequent yawning can be said to be a typical symptom of cerebral infarction First, there is also evidence in clinical data that 80% of patients with cerebral infarction will experience frequent yawning one week before the onset of the disease. In addition, when walking, the legs are numb, squatting, and there will be mouth sputum, drooling, and chopsticks on one side. These are one of the symptoms of hemiplegia.

3, nosebleeds

Hypertension patients are at high risk of cerebral infarction, nosebleed is a dangerous signal, if the number of times is too large and the amount of bleeding is large, plus Fundus hemorrhage, hematuria, cerebral hemorrhage may occur within half a year after this condition occurs.

4, unclear

brain, dizziness, black eyes, stiff neck Suddenly, there are verbal ambiguities or language barriers. When talking to people, they suddenly have difficulty speaking or can't understand other people's words.

Blood blood clogging blood vessels, you need to "transform blood vessels"

fruit of life blood plum

S-OD has special physiological activity and is regarded as the most magical enzyme in life science technology; ellagic acid and quercetin can shorten clotting time, enhance capillary resistance and expand Coronary artery.

Additional method: Take a few fruits of blood plum, put into 45 ° warm water brewing, enter the stomach, can prolong fibrinolytic time, inhibit thrombosis, adhere to 10 days, drop The pressure and fat reduction effect is remarkable!

In addition to diet therapy, alternating hot and cold showers are also a good method. It should be noted that the water temperature difference should not exceed 30. Degree, pay attention to temperature changes and prevent colds. Alternately 5-10 times in the shower, each lasting 2-3 minutes, it is best to end in a hot water bath.

The two recommended methods can help the blood vessels clean themselves, and “wash away” the garbage in the blood vessels, not only for themselves, but also for family and friends.