Does vitamin B2 have anti-cancer effects? The doctor said the truth

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Does vitamin B2 have anti-cancer effects? The doctor said the truth

2018-12-28 10:25:23 277 ℃

Cancer has always been a heavy topic. Recently, the anti-cancer incident on health products has once again brought the topic of cancer to heat. Vitamins are a nutrient that our body needs.

So, does vitamin B2 have anti-cancer effects? Today, let's take a look at this issue.

First, from a nutritional point of view

< p>From the perspective of nutrition, we prefer to call it "physical optimizer." This phenomenon occurs because vitamin B2, when it enters the human body, combines with the protein in the body to form an enzyme that regulates the redox process. Once this substance is lacking, it will cause metabolic disorders in the body, resulting in dermatitis. Symptoms such as keratitis. So its efficacy is self-evident.

In addition, VB2 can participate in the metabolism of certain nutrients such as proteins, fats, sugars, nucleic acids, etc. Substances, their metabolic processes have the "shadow" of VB2; it can also promote human growth and development, protect the skin and its skin appendages, promote skin metabolism, and prevent skin aging. If combined with VA, it will make the nutrition of the skin more fully. In addition, VB2 can protect the function of the human eye and reduce the fatigue of the eyes. It has certain relief effect on visual blur, visual fatigue and conjunctival congestion. .

Second, from a pharmacological point of view

If yes From the pharmacological point of view, the clinical common specifications of VB2 are 5mg and 10mg are more common. The dosage for adults is generally 5 to 10 mg once a day, three times a day. If it is a child (in this case, it is less than or equal to 12 years old), the daily dosage is 3~10mg, and it can be divided into 2~3 times a day. For VB2, its clinical applicability is: for the prevention and treatment of keratitis, glossitis, cheilitis, seborrheic dermatitis caused by vitamin B2 deficiency.

From the above description, it is not difficult to see that VB2 is a very beneficial nutrient for the human body, but as of now So far, people have not found its therapeutic effect on cancer, at least for the time being.