5 month old baby girl kidney full of stones! Raise your child, don't do this

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5 month old baby girl kidney full of stones! Raise your child, don't do this

2018-12-28 10:25:27 1170 ℃

In recent days, a hospital pediatric surgery received a small patient who was only 5 months old and had swollen body and had not urinated for more than 20 hours. In the next scene, even the well-informed doctor was shocked by the chin-

The kidneys of the little patients were full of stones! The finely broken stones block the ureter and can endanger life at any time!

A baby who is only 5 months old, it is reasonable to say that life function has just begun to form. How can there be so many stones?

It turns out that since the baby was born 3 days, the parents began to feed the complementary food. What is the operation? The doctor said that the baby's kidney stones are caused by incorrect feeding methods.

There is no coincidence. In recent years, infant kidney stones have occurred, many of which are related to excessive intake of calcium and vitamin C. Therefore, the following knowledge points, tiger fathers and cats must remember, do not let love hurt the baby.

What is kidney stone?

Kidney stones are caused by abnormal accumulation of crystalline substances (such as calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid, cystine, etc.) in the kidneys, and are a common disease in the urinary system.

The incidence of urinary calculi in infants is lower than that in adults. Among patients with urinary calculi, only 2% to 5% of children.

If there is no hydronephrosis or acute renal failure, most infants and young children can recover by improving their diet and replenishing water in time. If the stone is large and it is not easy to discharge, it is also possible to consider extracorporeal lithotripsy.

Causes of kidney stones in infants and young children

Babies suffering from urinary calculi are mainly caused by metabolic disorders and urinary tract malformations. .

Metabolic disorders include not only congenital amino acids, nucleic acid metabolism disorders, but also acquired nutritional imbalances, drug poisoning and urinary tract infections.

The urinary tract malformation has congenital ureteropelvic junction stenosis, urethral valve and ureteral reflux.

Wrong feeding method is an important incentive

1, not proportional to milk powder

Usually, the milk powder is too thick, and the water intake is insufficient, thereby increasing the burden on the kidneys and causing stones.

2, using mineral water to wash milk powder

Baby kidneys can not withstand excessive minerals, but Mineral water contains many minerals. If it is consumed for a long time, it will increase the burden on the baby's kidneys and cause kidney stones.

3, too much calcium supplement

excessive calcium supplementation increases the risk of kidney stones in your baby .

4. Feeding food supplements too early

The World Health Organization proposes to exclusively breastfeed infants during the first 6 months. Therefore, the baby within 6 months, the mother's breast milk or the regular first formula should be the only suitable food, and do not add any complementary food to the baby.

5, love to eat meat and not drink water

The fat content of meat is higher, and Fat reduces the amount of calcium that can bind in the intestines, increases the absorption of oxalate, and increases the risk of kidney stones.

6. Love sweets

Sweets and beverages are rich in oxalic acid, which increases the chance of oxalic acid stones.

7, excessive vitamin C supplement

Long-term use of excess vitamin C supplement may result Lead to calcium oxalate stones.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Infants

If the baby has the following symptoms, the novice mother should pay attention--

Symptom 1: The urine color is red and there is a poor urination and a broken urine.

Symptom 2:Crying when peeing, pale, cold sweat.

Symptom 3: Temporary anuria, accompanied by hypothermia, anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea in severe cases .

Symptom 4: Urine is cloudy and even white precipitates appear.

How to prevent infant stones?

Prevention of infantile stones should be done:

1. Appropriately add water.

2, control protein, sugar intake, appropriate increase in the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

3, do not overdose calcium.

4. If you are concerned about the intake of milk powder, you should suspend the original milk powder.

Remind the novice mom,

Be sure to have a snack,

Don’t blindly add nutrition to your baby.