Doctor: These seven diseases can't be completely cured! Never spend money wrongly.

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Doctor: These seven diseases can't be completely cured! Never spend money wrongly.

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The most important thing for the sick people is to cure and cure the disease, but in the view of doctors, many diseases can not be cured, just to control the condition and delay the destruction of organ function. Who says the seven diseases can be cured is cheating your money! Don't be fooled!

rheumatic diseases

said Li Shouxin, chief physician of rheumatic Immunology Department of Wuhan Tongji Hospital: " rheumatic diseases can tell you who can be cured, I think, either cheater or ignorant, at least not a doctor who is good". "

because rheumatic diseases are mostly caused by unknown etiology, not simply by external factors. If the cause of disease cannot be removed, it cannot be cured. The current treatment of

is a process of "retreat and sum up". This is to reduce the high immune function of the body by using drugs, so as to reduce its attack on its own organs. Although there is no cure, the current regular treatment can control the condition of most patients and keep them away from pain.


According to the latest bulletins of WHO (World Health Organization) and IDF (International Diabetes Federation), diabetes mellitus is still an incurable disease.

From clinical experience:

Some patients with mild elevation of blood sugar can control blood sugar well by strengthening diet control, exercise and regulating lifestyle;

Secondary diabetes patients, after removing the etiology, some patients'blood sugar can return to normal;

Part of gestational diabetes mellitus Postpartum blood sugar can return to normal. However, the most common type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus has not yet been cured. To fight a protracted war is the ideological preparation that diabetics must make. < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > hypertension < / strong > < / P > < / section > < / section > < p > secondary hypertension can be cured, as long as the primary disease is cured, blood pressure will naturally be normal.

But primary hypertension is caused by contracture, wall thickening, lumen stenosis and loss of elasticity of small arteries in the whole body, which obstructs the blood flow and has to be pressurized. These changes are qualitative and irreversible.

Therefore, once diagnosed, most patients need to adhere to non-drug and drug treatment for life.

Even if the treatment is good, that is to say, the blood pressure should be controlled by medication and non-medication, so as not to cause abnormal elevation again. If the means of control were withdrawn, blood pressure would rebound immediately. There is no such thing as "never relapse" or "cure".


spur is bone hyperplasia, which is the wear and tear of cartilage caused by various reasons, and contributes to the repair, sclerosis and proliferation of bone itself. is a natural aging phenomenon and also a kind of self-protection of human body. is not at all imaginary. "Bone spines". < br>

< p> This disease is more common in middle-aged or elderly people over 45 years old, and more males than females, but sitting for a long time, standing for a long time and incorrect posture are also easy to induce the occurrence of spurs in advance. Professor Lu Zhenhe, Director of Pain Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said: "Spurs themselves do not need treatment. The main cause of pain is not the Spurs themselves, but the inflammation of muscles caused by ischemia and hypoxia." That's why there's no cure in the world that can'eradicate'bone spurs. Old people should never be deceived by some advertisements that are boastful.


is popularly called psoriasis. The cause of psoriasis is very complex and intractable. Once the onset of psoriasis is very likely to accompany the whole life. Lu Chuanjian, deputy president of Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and a famous expert on psoriasis, said:

At present, there is no specific drug for psoriasis, nor even a method that is effective for everyone, nor a radical cure method

. Therefore, if there is a certain kind of drug that claims to be able to cure psoriasis completely, it must be false propaganda and should not be deceived.

At present, psoriasis emphasizes standardized treatment. The main purpose of treatment is to control the condition of psoriasis, delay recurrence, and reduce the harm caused by side effects of drugs


asthma is a chronic airway inflammation, which is an allergic inflammation, can cause bronchial spasm and make airway narrow. It causes dyspnea, which can be alleviated after general medication.

Asthma can not be "cured". At present, the medical profession can only effectively control asthma, but can not completely cure it. If an advertisement claims that its medicine can cure asthma, it can be considered an exaggeration. Although asthma can not be cured, 80% of asthmatic patients can achieve good control through standardized treatment. Some patients can even get away from drugs completely after 2 to 3 years of standardized treatment, and live and work normally.


Li Hongjun, chief physician of andrology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that prostatitis was not a disease, but a group of symptoms. The incidence of

prostatitis is very high, but the etiology is still not clear, especially for non-bacterial prostatitis. Treatment is mainly to improve symptoms and easy to relapse.

At present, the major hospitals do not talk about radical treatment of prostate diseases, but only about remission. Adhering to the correct treatment plan can prevent recurrence.

No drinking, less spicy, less sedentary, less cycling, more water, attention to warmth, plus a good mood, symptoms can be improved. Overemphasizing the treatment of drugs or devices may cause harm to the body.

In fact, there is no cure for common cold. Just as this cold has healed, it will catch a cold again in the future.

Therefore, in the face of illness, we should not pursue the word "radical cure" excessively, so as to trust some drugs and treatment methods of informal channels, "haste is not enough", and make people and money empty.

Some people or advertisements say that these diseases can be cured, and that

must be a cheater! Don't believe it!

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