28-year-old woman, found out that gastric cancer died, the doctor sighed: are their own "drink" out!

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28-year-old woman, found out that gastric cancer died, the doctor sighed: are their own "drink" out!

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Xiaowei, 28 years old, was lying quietly in bed.

She is bony and dying. In fact, she has been sentenced to death because she suffers from a terrifying stomach cancer and has reached the advanced stage. Four months ago, Xiaowei weakly walked into the emergency room. She told the doctor that her abdominal distension was severe and accompanied by persistent stomachache.

Doctors immediately examined Xiaowei by B-mode ultrasonography, but found that Xiaowei had a large amount of ascites in her stomach, and the stomach wall was obviously thicker.

In subsequent blood tests, a number of tumor markers showed abnormal increase.

What's more frightening is that her stomach cavity shrinks a lot under gastroscopy, and her supposedly soft stomach wall becomes especially hard, like leather, and the natural peristalsis of the stomach disappears. Obviously, the advanced stage of gastric cancer is also evident.

When Xiaowei heard the result, she was so frightened that she cried in a low voice that she had no idea that she had such a result!

In fact, doctors did not think that gastric cancer is a kind of life style cancer, closely related to diet and living habits. So, how on earth did such a young girl suffer from it? After a conversation, the doctor found that Xiaowei had suffered from gastric cancer by herself. Xiaowei is a white-collar worker in a state-owned enterprise. She is not busy in business and stays in the office basically. But she has a very bad habit, that is, she likes to drink hot things, especially boiled water.

She thinks that the hotter the boiled water is, the better the stomach warms up, and she sits in the office for a long time, so she drinks a lot of boiled water every day, and she won't feel hot after a long time.

In addition, she also likes to eat fresh food and the feeling of food tossing and turning repeatedly in her mouth.

Until the end, Xiaowei's stomach became more and more painful. Once she found herself with blood in her stool, she rushed to the hospital in horror. She never thought that she had been found with gastric cancer and had no chance of operation. Four months later, Xiaowei became ill and died of gastric cancer with her hand on the edge of the bed.

After the event was over, the doctor explained that drinking boiled water for a long time was easy to increase the risk of gastric cancer! A report issued by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that drinking hot drinks above 65 degrees C is at risk of carcinogenesis.

Our oral and esophageal surfaces are covered with delicate and fragile mucosa. The suitable temperature for eating is 10-40 degrees C. The tolerable high temperature is only 50-60 degrees C. The mucosa can be scalded if the temperature exceeds 65 degrees C.

Drinking excessively hot water for a long time will increase the risk of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer as more and more abnormal "heteromorphic" cells occur in the process of repeated damage and repair of the esophagus.

reminds us that once there are several manifestations after meals, it means that the stomach "disease" is not bad!

< p > < strong > 1, abdominal distension and abdominal pain after meals

< p > If, often after meals, there are cases of gastric distension and stomachache, we should be careful of the decline of gastric function.

If it lasts for more than a week, it is necessary to seek medical examination as soon as possible without delay.

2, heartburn after meals, acid reflux

In life, people often hear that "heartburn", that is, heartburn in the stomach.

If heartburn, acid reflux and stomach reflux often occur after meals, we should be alert to Helicobacter pylori infection.

3, belching after meals

Many people will also have belching after meals, but not acid reflux. At this time, if nausea and vomiting are accompanied, we should be vigilant against chronic gastritis or atrophic gastritis.

p>It is better to have an early medical examination.

4, continuous hiccups, lasting for a long time

satiated, a few "full hiccups", is very normal.

But once belching becomes "abnormal", we should be vigilant.

After meals, belching will continue for several hours. At this time, we should be alert to the "canceration" of the stomach.

When cancer occurs in the stomach, and the cancer cells continue to develop, it will affect the nearby vagus nerve or diaphragm, which will lead to continuous hiccups.

5, diarrhea after meals

In life, some people with weaker intestines and stomach will have diarrhea when their diet is slightly neglected.

Most of them are attributed to "food is not clean" and other reasons.

However, once diarrhea occurs frequently after meals and night changes in stool, we should be vigilant against gastric cancer.

When abdominal canceration occurs, digestive tract diseases, indigestion and diarrhea will also occur.

Diarrhea should be paid attention to. It is not nearly gastric cancer, but also intestinal cancer.

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stomach is not good, often drink three water, warm stomach to relieve pain

1, warm boiled water

liking warm and afraid of cold , so, daily drinking water, to drink warm boiled water, do not drink cold water. The warm water of

< p> < strong > 35 ~40 < strong > is the most < strong > comfortable temperature of gastrointestinal tract.

Especially, after getting up early, drink a small cup of warm boiled water, the temperature is close to the normal body temperature, just wake up the stomach, make it ready to eat and digest, and play the role of warming up the stomach and nourishing the stomach .

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2, Huanghua Langgen tea

tea therapy , in regulating gastric diseases, has its unique advantages . < p > < p > hot tea, mild and lasting, is < strong > regulating spleen and stomach < / strong >, one of the most convenient ways.

Between meals, a cup of Huanghua Langgen tea can nourish stomach and kill Helicobacter pylori.

Huanghua Lang, very common, its rhizome, medicinal value is high, enters the stomach meridian, has a good stomach-nourishing effect. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Huanghua Lang has therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer and can significantly reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer. Moreover, Huanghua Lang can clear away heat and moisten stomach, relieve inflammation and pain, and has no disadvantages of obstruction for all types of epigastric pain.

Studies also showed that Huanghua Lang could kill Helicobacter pylori and protect stomach health. The detection rate of Helicobacter pylori was 95%~100% in chronic gastritis, 70%~80% in gastric ulcer and 80% in gastric cancer.

Therefore, killing Helicobacter pylori is very beneficial to stomach health, and Huanghua Lang, also has broad-spectrum bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, is a good anti-inflammatory drug, for gastritis "inflammation", the effect is particularly good.

often soak a cup, which can sterilize and kill inflammation, nourish the stomach and relieve pain, and protect the health of the stomach, which is very helpful.

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strong>3, tartary buckwheat water

p>tartary buckwheat, as a crude food , drinking with soaking water can promote digestion , which is beneficial to stomach health. < p > < strong > Compendium of Materia Medica < / strong > records tartary buckwheat as "lowering qi, widening intestine, reducing heat, swelling and wind pain, eliminating turbidity and blood stagnation, spleen accumulation and diarrhea". < p > < p > < Tartary buckwheat, < strong > can dissipate < / strong >, which is beneficial to strength, < strong > can lower qi, widen intestines and strengthen stomach < / strong >.

So it's a good choice to drink buckwheat water everyday.

people with bad stomach should also remember "two taboos":

1, taboo mental tension

long-term mental tension will cause gastric motility vasoconstriction and gastric dysfunction, leading to gastritis and ulcer.

In addition, both physical and mental overwork will lead to insufficient blood supply of digestive organs and dysfunction of gastric motile membrane secretion.

Therefore, we must keep our spirits happy and emotional stability in peacetime, and avoid negative emotions such as tension, anxiety and irritation.

2, avoid carbonated beverage

carbonated beverage contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which can inhibit bacteria in beverage as well as beneficial bacteria in human body, thus affecting digestive function. In addition, carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks has a strong irritation to the stomach, and people with ulcers are prone to gastric perforation if they drink such drinks in large quantities.

Therefore, it is better to drink more warm water at ordinary times to reduce the stimulation of beverages, alcoholic drinks and other drinks.

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