There is a "defecation switch" on your finger. Press it for 5 minutes in the morning and evening to clear the intestinal garbage slowly.

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There is a "defecation switch" on your finger. Press it for 5 minutes in the morning and evening to clear the intestinal garbage slowly.

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< p > Let's see if you have constipation. One of them is

1. The frequency of defecation is 2 or less times per week

<2, with defecation pain, difficulty in defecation

3, dry stool, small amount

4, abdominal distension, abdominal discomfort

constipation will make you uncomfortable, abdominal distension, dyspepsia, and prone to old farting, but squatting toilet will not always come out, which is not only embarrassing, but also seriously affecting one. The quality of human life.

2/3 of the feces are all kinds of miscellaneous bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. If they are not discharged within 24 hours, they can multiply more than twice the number of pathogens and produce more than 170 diseases, which seriously endanger human health. Therefore, defecation and bowel cleaning are very important. Many people have constipation. The more you constipate for one day, the more junk toxins in your intestine. Think about how much intestinal garbage you accumulate every day.

Constipation is not only harmful to the quality of life, but also a challenge to health!

The intestinal tract is full of folds, with an average of one fold every 3.5 centimeters. These folds can not discharge accumulated food residues every day and month, and then reduce the price of corruption to form a black, stench, toxic substance, that is, we often form. Speaking of permanence. Constipation can lead to garbage and toxins in the body, which can not be discharged in time. The stool remains in the intestinal tract for a long time. The toxins in the stool can continuously stimulate the intestinal mucosa and easily cause various anorectal diseases.

can also cause halitosis, obesity, acne, spots... and so on, let us face, lining can not hang!!!


Constipation must not take laxative, drink some laxative tea, because many laxative products on the market are composed of senna leaves, rhubarb and other laxative ingredients, to relieve, not only intestinal injury, spleen injury, Qi injury, often eat will also weaken intestinal function, spleen metabolic transport function deterioration, so why many people will become more constipated once they stop taking medicine. Constipation, the emphasis is on conditioning, many foods in life are natural "scavengers", eating the right can quickly defecate, but also to maintain intestinal health, from the source away from constipation!

Constipation is too uncomfortable, try these two small ways, better than laxatives! In traditional Chinese medicine, "Shangyang Point" on the large intestine meridian of Hand Yangming (located near the fingernail corner on the radial side of index finger) is the key point for constipation treatment. If you feel a little constipation, you can try this method. Press "Shangyang Point", press with your thumbnails, with a little force, press for five minutes. If constipation is very serious, you can also spend a little longer. Principle of acupoint selection:

Men left and women right, left and right crossing.

Functions: detoxification, fire-reducing, fever-relieving and defecation, anti-inflammation and pain-relieving.

Indications: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, anal fissure, constipation. It should be noted here that the so-called Shangyang acupoint is not suitable for everyone, but only for constipation caused by Qi deficiency. That is, you feel your stomach is very bloated, but you can not pull up the stink. If you massage for five minutes, it can help you to defecate.

Constipation Prescription: Rice soup, honey and egg flower

Prepare a hot rice soup, then add a proper amount of honey and an egg, so that it can be taken after 15 minutes of stirring. Experts suggest that this method of constipation diet is best taken every morning when you get up, and the effect is better.