Does banana have any effect on relieving constipation? It's time to know the answer.

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Does banana have any effect on relieving constipation? It's time to know the answer.

2019-01-22 17:30:31 1749 ℃
< p > Banana can alleviate constipation for a long time. Some people say that banana is useful for constipation, while others say it is useless. So, does banana have any effect on alleviating constipation? Today, let's look at this problem.

said that the main reason why bananas can cure constipation was that bananas contain resistant starch similar to dietary fiber. Resistant starch can not be digested by the small intestine, but can be decomposed and fermented by probiotics in the colon, the next stop of the small intestine, synthesizing proteins, thus increasing the volume and water content of the feces, alleviating constipation and promoting the excretion of feces.

However, only immature green bananas contain more resistant starch, about 60%, while ripe bananas contain less than 3% resistant starch. Therefore, from the resistant starch content, constipation eating immature green bananas has the effect of defecation. The content of resistant starch in ripe bananas is too low, and there is no defecation effect. However, the tannic acid content of green bananas is not low. Tannic acid has the function of astringency of intestinal mucosa, which basically counteracts the effect of resistant starch in bananas. Therefore, whether eating green bananas or ripe bananas, the role of alleviating constipation is not great.

Relieving constipation is not as good as eating foods rich in dietary fiber such as legumes, potatoes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. In particular, eat more celery, spinach, garlic bolts, mushrooms and other crude fiber vegetables every day, increase the volume of feces, promote intestinal peristalsis, more conducive to alleviating constipation. At the same time, it is also a good way to alleviate constipation to keep exercising every day and form the good habit of defecating on time every day.

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