Are you all right without breakfast? Six effects are cumulative!

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Are you all right without breakfast? Six effects are cumulative!

2019-01-22 17:30:31 412 ℃
< p > People's life rhythm is faster now. After getting up in the morning, they will eat or not eat at all. In the long run, it will lead to changes in their bodies. What changes will happen if they do not eat breakfast for a long time?

Long-term no breakfast body will change

1, easy obesity

Many people think that not eating breakfast can reduce weight actually not, because if the body always does not eat breakfast will be aware of nutritional ulcers, will instinctively consume carbohydrates and protein first, will store fat, so long-term past anti-obesity. And it will lead to more and more fat leading to obesity, instead of eating breakfast, you will feel very hungry at noon, will increase the intake of lunch, and the body is worried about insufficient fat content, will also store the fat at noon and evening, in this case, how can you not gain weight?

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2, slow response

After a night's rest, the body lacks nutrients, and breakfast can provide energy for the brain, if there is no enough blood sugar to provide energy for the body without breakfast, the brain will feel tired. Without spirit, the reaction will become more and more dull.

3. It's normal to lead to chronic upper body

not eating and starving overnight. At this time, the blood sugar content in the body will decrease, the brain will show dizziness and memory deterioration, attention is not easy to concentrate, it will affect the use of the brain, and in the long run it will also affect the intelligence, and the brain because of the lack of nutrients for a long time is the same. It also affects memory.

In addition, the body starts a day's work without breakfast. In order to get enough energy to support work and study, it will use thyroid glands and pituitary glands to burn tissue. In the long run, this will also lead to hyperthyroidism, which will change the Constitution and make the body acidic, which is the cause of many diseases. In addition, in the morning, No. Eating, there is no food decomposition in the stomach, gastric acid will corrode the intestine and stomach, and eating at noon and evening will increase the burden of the intestine and stomach, and in the long run will lead to gastric ulcer and gastritis.

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p>strong>4, susceptible to gallstones

p>3 meals a day, the gallbladder will contract normally, so that cholesterol will be excreted with the bile, but if people do not eat breakfast, the cholesterol content in the body will increase, and the gallbladder will not receive the letter without breakfast. No. 1 will not shrink, and gallstones will appear in the long run. Data show that the vast majority of gallbladder diseases are related to skipping breakfast.

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p>p>strong>5, easy constipation

three meals regularity human body will produce normal gastrocolic reflex, can promote body detoxification, but if not eating breakfast, it will lead to gastrointestinal reflex dysfunction, long-term constipation will prevent the body toxin from excreting, long-term. Toxins accumulate in the body and cause acne and endocrine disorders.

< strong > 6, aging fast

< p > without breakfast, the body can only use the sugar and protein stored in the body, which will lead to dry skin and anemia in the long run, accelerate human aging, and not eating breakfast will affect the whole day's nutritional intake, leading to malnutrition and iron deficiency anemia.