Ten years later, their faces did not grow old. How did they do that?

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Ten years later, their faces did not grow old. How did they do that?

2019-01-22 17:30:35 481 ℃

Recently, there is a hot online challenge: the 10-year challenge, also known as "how cruel the years are to you",

dare not expose themselves for 10 years, and make a comparison with yourself now?

It is said that millions of people have participated, including many stars we are familiar with. What can be changed in

10 years?

These people are not getting any older than they were 10 years ago.








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section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > why other people are not old for ten years < / strong > < / P > < strong > but you are much older?


Others get up early and run, while you sleep in the middle of the day

< p> all the successful cafes in the world are early risers. Before retirement, Li Jiacheng, in his 80s, still maintained the habit of getting up early. No matter how late you go to bed every day, you will get up at 6 o'clock in the morning on time. Listen to the news, play golf for an hour and a half, and work in the office before 8 o'clock. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts sending e-mails at 4:30 a.m. and then goes to the gym for a period of time before formally starting work.

See, the big guys have a common habit after getting up early, that is, exercise! Because they know that the premise of struggling is to have a good body. Adherence to exercise can improve the regulation ability of various systems of the body, accelerate metabolism and enhance immunity. It's no wonder that

sleeps until noon, has no breakfast, and seldom exercises. It's no wonder that they grow old faster than others.


Others often drink boiled water, while your milk tea coffee does not leave your hand

immortal God Andy Lau, although nearly 60 years old, still looks like a "little fresh meat".

Liu Dehua once revealed his maintenance secrets in the program. He said that he never drinks ice water. He hasn't drunk soda for more than 20 years. He basically drinks warm water. Even if the summer temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius, he also insists on drinking hot drinks. He believes that hot drinks help blood circulation and do not easily lead to aging.

On the contrary, many punk health preservers stay up late and live on coffee and milk tea. Don't forget that coffee and milk tea contains a lot of sugar, which binds to collagen in the skin, weakens the repair and regeneration function of collagen, and leads to premature wrinkles and relaxation of the skin.

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< p > < strong > Others never stay up late to rest, and Zhao Yazhi, who has been holding his cell phone till dawn

< p > for 40 years, reveals that he never uses expensive cosmetics or eats any rare tonics. She said that as a woman, maintenance is very important, especially the law of life, "I do not love night life, very little social interaction, regular living, to maintain adequate sleep.

and the Global Sleep Report shows that Chinese people go to bed at 0.32 every day. Many young people regard late night as a rare time for leisure and relaxation.

Staying up late, even reducing two hours of sleep a day, will have a serious impact on the appearance, more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, eyes are prone to redness and edema, skin becomes loose and drooping, more prone to long spots. You must be older than others if you stay up late every day.


others stay away from tobacco and alcohol, while you gather smoke together in three or two days

and send away many familiar celebrities in 2018, Shi Shengjie, Zang Tianshuo... It's amazing how many of you have something to do with alcohol and tobacco. Smoking injuries blood vessels, 10 years difficult to repair, wine, it is best not to drink a drop! The world's leading medical journals have confirmed that alcohol has no health benefits! Smoking and drinking make people grow old fast. I don't believe that if you think about the people you know around you and the people who always smoke and drink, they will grow old and weak. Only those who stay away from smoking and drinking can remain young for decades as day after day.


People never eat more than one mouthful, and you don't eat or hold your chopsticks

Peacock Goddess Yang Liping will make a wave of exclamation every time she appears. As a dancer, she insisted on holding her mouth for many years because of her back brushing screen a few days ago. The so-called gluttony eating just changed from an apple to an apple. Can such a self-disciplined person be beautiful?

correspondingly, there are not a few people who overeat in their daily life. This eating habit will destroy the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, damage the gastric mucosa, and then lead to gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, and increase the risk of canceration. How can we be beautiful when our health is gone? If you want to be young, start by keeping your mouth shut. Eat less and eat more. Don't overeat.


other people's three meals regularly match nutrition, and you take out hot and spicy

every day. Zheng Shaoqiu, a 70-year-old immortal god, is still tall and tall, brisk and steady. When asked about the most frequently eaten food, he only knew that he had been insisting on eating oats and controlling cholesterol because of his high cholesterol level. Have cereal and porridge for breakfast, and some vegetable salad. < p > < p > not only shut up the mouth and eat less, but also eat nutrition, know their physical condition, supplement the body needs. But many people eat at will, not from nutrition, but to facilitate, order takeaway, mouth to eat hot and spicy, a meal is solved, but the body is affected. The body nutrition root is not good, the face is yellow, the muscle is thin, the mental state is not good, is easier to show old.