Lancet: This diet saves 11.6 million lives a year

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Lancet: This diet saves 11.6 million lives a year

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" Our connection with nature is the answer , restoring the natural balance of resources is very important to the earth and the key to human survival. For many life-threatening diseases, such as obesity and cancer, diet has a much higher impact than alcohol and tobacco. The world's 3 billion people are suffering from malnutrition, including more than 800 million malnourished people, and more people are overnourished. < p > < p > Unhealthy diet not only increases the burden of human disease, but also challenges the carrying capacity of the earth, such as climate change, environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity. This means that if we don't adjust our eating habits, by 2050, the planet will not be able to provide healthy and sustainable food for humans. The Lancet will launch a series of nutritional initiatives in 2019. In response to these pressing problems, this time a new diet is proposed, which will prevent the premature death of 11.6 million people every year. It will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve more land and water resources, and biodiversity.

_The current dietary structure urgently needs to be changed (Pixabay)

A Committee of 37 experts from 16 countries, after three years of research and based on the best available evidence, proposed for the first time a diet that meets nutritional needs, promotes health and maintains within the Earth's carrying limit. The goal of the model is called "planetary healthy diet". < p > < strong > Scientific Dietary Target < / strong > < / P > < p > Specifically, 35% of the daily calories come from whole grains and plant tubers. The main source of protein is plant protein. The daily intake of red meat is about 14 g, and the consumption of vegetables and fruits should reach 500 g. The specific food structure can be referred to in the table below. This shift means that consumption of red meat and sugar needs to be cut by about half, while consumption of nuts, fruits, vegetables and beans needs to be doubled.

Dietary goals

taking 2500 kilocalories a day as an example

Dr. Walter Willett, co-director of the Harvard University Committee, said that in order to maintain health, it is necessary to control the calories of food and adjust the dietary structure, including eating more plant foods, eating less animal foods and eating more unsaturated foods. Fat instead of saturated fat reduces refined grains, processed foods and sugar.

Researchers predict that the widespread use of this diet can improve people's intake of most nutrients. They also used three models to simulate the potential impact of this diet on health. Data show that "planetary healthy diet" can help reduce adult mortality by 19% - 23.6%, and avoid premature deaths of 10.9 million - 11.6 million people every year.

Food Sustainable Development

Combining the Global Sustainable Development of Healthy Diet and Food Production, the Committee also put forward five strategies:

1. Encouraging people to choose healthy diet through policies. Agricultural production needs to be adjusted to produce a variety of nutrient-rich crops rather than a number of large-scale production.

< p > 3. Sustainable agricultural development

< p > 4. Effective control of land and marine pollution and protection of natural ecosystems. Food waste must be reduced by at least half. Tim Lang, author of

, University of London, said: "Our food and how we produce it determine the health of humans and the planet. We need countries to change our food system on an unprecedented scale, in accordance with national conditions. Although it is not easy to solve, this goal can be achieved. Dr Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet, emphasized that unhealthy nutrition is a key driver and risk factor for disease, which has not been well addressed globally. But "our connection with nature is the answer. Restoring the natural balance of resources is very important to the earth and the key to human survival."


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