Expert: These exercises are like "antihypertensive drugs". Hypertensive patients can try more!

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Expert: These exercises are like "antihypertensive drugs". Hypertensive patients can try more!

2019-01-22 17:30:35 581 ℃
< p > According to the latest national survey on hypertension control, the prevalence of hypertension in China is as high as 23.2%. It is predicted that there will be 1.05 billion hypertension patients in the world by 2025. How to control blood pressure? Both

< p> say that exercise is a good doctor. Doctors often advise hypertensive patients to exercise properly at ordinary times. However, blood pressure is prone to fluctuation due to external stimulation, so exercise for hypertensive patients should be scientific, and it is best for doctors to prescribe exercise first.

These exercises are beneficial to hypertension patients

regular exercise, can enhance cardiac function, better meet the blood supply demand of the whole body, reduce arterial pressure, and help to lower blood pressure. At the same time, regular exercise can reduce weight and control weight. Obesity is also an important factor affecting blood pressure. For hypertensive patients, the precondition of exercise is to control blood pressure stably, and then exercise moderately and moderately, in order to feel good about oneself, we should do our best.

Excessive or intense exercise will not only make hypertensive patients unable to eat, but also cause a sudden rise in blood pressure and even lead to blowout of blood vessels. Rao Hongying, head nurse of geriatrics department of Guangzhou First People's Hospital, said that the exercise intensity of hypertension patients should be moderate and moderate, and the maximum heart rate during exercise should be controlled at 60-70%. For hypertensive patients, avoid intense exercise or sudden stop-and-rush exercise which causes great fluctuation of blood pressure.

Sports recommendations are preferred walking , followed by Taijiquan , and swimming is also a good choice if you can eat well. These exercises belong to aerobic exercises, which cause vasodilation and contraction of blood vessels through repeated contractions of muscles throughout the body, and promote the decrease of blood pressure. Many people like climbing stairs and mountains, but this is not suitable for hypertensive patients. Rao Hongying said that this kind of climbing exercise often has a heavy burden on joints, which can aggravate or induce knee arthritis, but is not conducive to blood pressure control. < p > < strong > Hypertensive patients should pay attention to "four don't" < / strong > < / P > < p > Hypertensive patients exercise, according to their physical strength and cardiovascular function tolerance, pay attention to the prevention of falls, safety is the first. Exercise can not be urgently needed, we must sit and stand firm, and wait for the muscles and bones of the hands and feet to fully move, and then exercise.

In the process of exercise, the following things should be noted:

1, in the process of exercise do not stop and rush up . Suddenly get up, this action is very dangerous, it is easy to cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, leading to dizziness, wrestling and other accidents. When the head movement must be slow, patients with cervical spondylosis of hypertension need special attention. < p > < p > 2. Relax your body while exercising. < strong > Don't suddenly exert < / strong > and don't do breath holding. < p > < p > 3. Don't bend and bow when blood pressure is not controlled or when you are just exercising. For the sake of safety, the head position of patients with hypertension should not be lower than the heart level. It is forbidden to raise or lower your head forcefully. Patients with hypertension and cervical spondylosis often dizzy. < p > < p > 4. After exercise, sweat should be wiped out in time, and water should be supplemented. < strong > Do not drink cold water. Warm boiled water is recommended.