Think carefully and be afraid of it! uuuuuuuuuuu A hair stuck into the skin during the haircut, and he fell on the operating table.

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Think carefully and be afraid of it! uuuuuuuuuuu A hair stuck into the skin during the haircut, and he fell on the operating table.

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< section > < p > < strong > guide < / strong > < strong > language < / strong > < / P > < / section > < p > there are still a few cases of infection caused by hair penetration into skin. < br >

< p > January 17,

< p > A circle of friends

< p > sent by Mr. Zhao, a man in Xi'an, aroused the attention and discussion of friends. <


Mr Zhao friend circle screenshot of Mr Zhao's friend circle This photo is provided by the parties

The accident was caused by >


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a cut wound penepenetrated into the skin

Shot of Mr. Zhao's circle of friends

According to Mr. Zhao, he had a haircut on Jan. 11 and felt a dull pain in front of his chest on Jan. 12, only to find that a haircut stuck into the skin. "Hair stubble is about a millimeter away from the right nipple, and it begins to look like a small white spot on his face in adolescence. I don't care. After

, Mr. Zhao went to northern Shaanxi on business. In the meantime, inflammation began in the places where the ballast penetrated. On the 14th, Mr. Zhao tried to pick out the ballast with a sewing needle in a hotel. "If he burned the needle with a torch, it would be sterilized" < strong>. But the needle failed to prick the ballast, which made the wound bigger. On the 15th, Mr. Zhao's wound inflammation became more serious. He used a cotton swab dipped in iodine wine to debride the wound. This time, the cotton swab finally sticked out the "cause" of the accident. How big is the wound? Mr. Zhao said, "It's all right to put soybeans in it."

According to the wound photos taken by Mr. Zhao on the 16th day, the injury was more serious. The area of skin swelling in front of chest was as large as a beer bottle cap, and a scab the size of mung bean was formed. "This is the picture of yesterday (16th) afternoon, and the abscess was everywhere in the evening."

Seeing this situation, Mr. Zhao dared not neglect. On the morning of 17th, Mr. Zhao went to the hospital for treatment. Finally, on the operating table of the biopsy room, the doctor performed a small operation of incision and drainage. After the operation, Mr. Zhao joked with his friend: "The nipple was almost cut off."

cases of infection caused by the penetration of hair into the skin,

is still in the minority! In May 2017, Ms. Zhou, a resident of Rudong, Nantong, had a similar situation. She feels very painful when she walks on her left foot. After examining, she finds that her hair stuck into the sole of her foot and caused an infection, which eventually forced her to seek medical treatment.

soft-looking hair,

Why does it penetrate into the skin? Feng Zhiyong, deputy director of Dermatology Department of Rudong Fourth People's Hospital, Nantong, said in an interview with the media: "The reason why hair penetrates into the skin is related to the texture, diameter and angle of hair. The other is also related to the human body's external force, the strength and speed of hair contact and other reasons.

If the foreign body is not taken out in time after penetration into the human body, it may cause inflammation reaction of foreign body. It is difficult to take out the foreign body at the hospital as soon as possible to prevent certain impact."