More and more uremia patients! The doctor advises you to eat as little as possible of the four kinds of food. Kidney will appreciate you.

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More and more uremia patients! The doctor advises you to eat as little as possible of the four kinds of food. Kidney will appreciate you.

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Uremia, though not cancer, is more terrible than cancer. Uremia sounds terrible and seems to be far away from herself, but there is a young girl, because of a bad cold for a week, unexpectedly found out uremia!

Case: Can a cold cause uremia?

The girl above feels weak from the cold and knows that she has a cold because the symptoms are not serious and she doesn't take time off without seeing a doctor. After a week of

, the colleagues all felt that she was getting fat. They asked about it and said that they felt edema all over the body, decreased urine volume and even had some difficulty in breathing these days. After she arrived at the hospital, she was diagnosed with uremia, accompanied by heart failure, renal hypertension and other symptoms. It was unexpected that a small cold could lead to such serious complications. < p > < strong > cold itself does not directly lead to nephritis and uremia, but cold can easily induce human immune dysfunction < / strong >. If not suppressed for a long time, the "chaotic" human immune system will attack normal kidney tissues as diseased tissues, and if not treated in time, it will develop into chronic kidney disease, which is easy to eventually develop into uremia.

four major factors leading to uremia

< p> < 1, nephropathy

nephropathy is the main cause of uremia. Early nephropathy patients do not pay attention to living habits, often accelerate the development of the disease, especially staying up late, overwork, overeating and other bad habits, which are more likely to cause the occurrence of uremia. < p > < 2, hypertension < / P > < p > uremia is a common complication of hypertension. Therefore, hypertensive patients should actively cooperate with the treatment, control blood pressure and improve their condition.

< p > 3, urinary infection

< p > urinary infection and uremia have a certain relationship, whether male or female are likely to induce uremia. In our country, chronic pyelonephritis is the second factor of uremia , accounting for 21.2%. Married women are more likely to suffer from urinary sensation and have a greater risk of uremia. The most common complication of diabetes mellitus is
diabetic nephropathy, and uremia occurs in patients with diabetic nephropathy, especially in patients with low glucose tolerance. The incidence of uremia is high.

Many people have irregular diet, especially kidney function, which also causes more and more people to get uremia.

4 foods are accelerators of uremia

<1 and salty foods

such as pickled vegetables which we often eat. Salt can be said to be an essential condiment in our life. If salt is intaken normally, it is good for our health.

But modern people generally overweight their dietary taste, resulting in salt consumption far exceeding the normal daily recommended amount. < p > < p > < p > eating too salty increases the burden of the kidney. In addition, excessive sodium intake will lead to electrolyte imbalance in the body, and the body water is not easy to discharge, which further increases the burden of the kidney. < p > < p > 2. Phosphorus in foods with high phosphorus content < / P > < p > needs to be removed through glomerular filtration. Long-term consumption of foods with high phosphorus content will certainly increase the burden on the kidney and decrease the filtration function of the kidney. Over time, it will cause damage to the kidney. < p > < p > Therefore, < strong > aquatic products, animal liver, yolk and dried fruits < strong > and other foods need to pay attention to control intake. Carambola < p > 3, carambola < p > < p > carambola tastes sweet and sour. Many people like it very much, but they do not know that carambola is very harmful to our kidneys.

Carambola contains a large number of neurotoxins. For people with sound kidney function, if they eat a large amount of carambola, it will cause acute failure of kidney function . Overconsumption of Carambola will accelerate the onset of uremia in patients with nephropathy, so carambola must be eaten in moderation.

4, mutton

mutton belongs to high purine food , which easily causes the increase of uric acid level. At the same time, mutton also contains a lot of animal fat, which is not easy to digest into the body, and increases liver metabolism. At the same time, it will promote renal atherosclerosis, kidney atrophy and degeneration, causing atherosclerotic nephropathy. Therefore, when eating mutton, we must control the amount of food.


regularly check

, many people can not detect themselves in the early stage of kidney disease, but these most common fatigue, nausea, lumbago, urine in the presence of foam, nocturnal urine increased and so on these seemingly insignificant small problems.

In fact, these small symptoms are silent and powerful reminders: your kidney may have problems, check it quickly!

When the body is uncomfortable, we must pay attention to it,

to make early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

< p> < strong> The body can't "endure" to pass!