What does the color of sputum mean? Maybe it's related to some diseases. Be careful when you spit.

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What does the color of sputum mean? Maybe it's related to some diseases. Be careful when you spit.

2019-01-31 10:26:18 427 ℃
< p > Speaking of sputum, many people will feel a little nauseous, but sputum is the normal secretion of our trachea, which does not exist in our body all the time. Normal physiological state, sputum secretion is very small, but generally in the pathological state, the color of sputum will appear abnormal, I will give you a specific introduction below.

What does the color of sputum mean? Maybe it's related to some diseases. When spitting, pay more attention to it

1. White sticky phlegm

people with common cold cough up white sticky phlegm, which indicates mild inflammation of the respiratory tract. At this time, you need to know why your resistance is low.

< p > 2, golden phlegm

< p > This kind of phlegm is mainly caused by some suppurative bacteria in respiratory tract infection, such as Gram-positive bacteria, hemolytic streptococcus and so on.

3, red blood-filamented sputum

sputum with red blood-filament, may be too dry weather, causing haemorrhage of dry throat, may also be inflammation of the respiratory system, such as chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, may also be caused by tuberculosis, respiratory tract tumors. This situation should be combined with other symptoms of the body to identify the causes, such as fever, cough, weight loss and other conditions, timely medical treatment, in order to avoid delaying the condition.

4, rusty sputum, brick-red sputum and green sputum

It is very likely that the respiratory system is infected by specific bacteria, and then there will be more special color sputum. For example, green phlegm, indicating that there is suppurative inflammation in spitting human body, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Rusty or brick-red sputum is most likely to have lobar pneumonia. When these special colors of sputum appear, it is best to see a doctor in time to find out the cause.

5, pink phlegm sputum

this color of sputum, mostly acute pulmonary edema or heart failure patients vomit sputum. This is because heart failure can cause congestion in the lungs, or after the edema of the lungs, it will flow out of the pink foam liquid. It will cough up in vitro and see the pink foam sputum.

6, jam-colored sputum

This situation is mostly due to a manifestation of lung cancer, even if the concentration is small, may be very serious, so once found, it is best to seek medical treatment in time. The main function of secretions in respiratory system is to humidify, keep warm and purify the air. The sputum is these secretions. Once people become ill, the secretions in respiratory tract will increase, with a large number of pathogens, excreted from the body. It can be seen that sputum, which is often neglected by us, can reflect some diseases that appear in the body. Therefore, we should pay more attention to spitting at ordinary times. Once we find abnormalities, it is better to see a doctor in time. Of course, the appearance and color of sputum are also affected by many factors. The contents mentioned above are only for reference. What is the cause of sputum? It needs professional examination.

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