How can a cancer friend eat and recover quickly? Keep in mind that "3 eats 3 does not eat", anti-cancer is twice the result with half the effort.

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How can a cancer friend eat and recover quickly? Keep in mind that "3 eats 3 does not eat", anti-cancer is twice the result with half the effort.

2019-01-31 10:26:18 376 ℃
As the saying goes, "diseases come from the mouth", cancer has a very close relationship with diet, and many cancer patients eat it. Unfortunately, patients suffering from cancer should do a better job of taboo, in order to avoid aggravating the disease. What can't we eat when we get cancer? First of all, we need to make it clear that it's not cancer cells that starve to death, but yourself. Like ordinary people, cancer patients also need normal nutritional intake. If they suffer from malnutrition, their immunity will not only decrease, but also affect the treatment of the disease. Therefore, the taboo of cancer patients should not be too strict and their diet should not be too narrow. The food they really want to avoid is the following four categories:

cancer patients should avoid drinking, and these foods should be less touched

1, alcohol

hurt the liver, cancer patients need to avoid alcohol.

< strong > 2. Stimulant food

< p > Most cancer patients are treated with surgery. Wounds will inevitably exist on the body, while spicy, sweet and salty stimulant food will stimulate the wound, which is not conducive to wound healing. < p > < strong > 3. Barbecued and fried foods < / strong > < / P > < p > barbecued and fried foods are prone to produce trans fatty acids which are harmful to health. Overheated foods baked and fried may also produce carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene and other substances. In addition, from a health point of view, barbecued and fried food is prone to safety risks, "gutter oil" is often used in barbecued and fried food. In addition, some cancer patients or their families will buy some health care products for their patients in order to make them recover faster. In fact, most of the health products on the market have no effect on anti-cancer, and if not, they will have a negative impact on patients. If you want to buy health care products, it is recommended not to buy those health care products that boast of anti-cancer effect, but to buy some nutritional supplements for patients, such as amino acids, protein, vitamins, enteral nutrition, etc., which can supplement nutrition for patients and enhance their physique. In addition to

, the editor also reminds you that you should never superstitiously believe in nutrient solution, let alone use it instead of the patient's three meals a day. If the patient's gastrointestinal function allows him to eat, he should choose the first diet, which is the healthiest and safest way to supplement body nutrition. < p > < p > < strong > So, what should we eat when we get cancer?

< p > < strong > 1, fresh fruits and vegetables

< p > fresh fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins or carotenes, which have certain anti-cancer effect and can enhance immunity. For example, vitamin C can inhibit the synthesis of nitrite, a carcinogen. Carotene, as an antioxidant, can protect cells from oxidative damage and achieve anti-cancer effect. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables also contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which can adsorb or dilute carcinogens.

p>strong>2. Foods rich in high-quality protein

p>compared with ordinary people, the basic metabolic rate of cancer patients is higher, so that the synthesis of protein in the body decreases or the loss increases, and nutrition supplementation is more needed. High-quality protein is easily absorbed by human body, which helps to supplement nutrition, promote body growth and repair. Therefore, it is suggested that cancer patients should eat foods containing more high-quality protein, such as soybean, fish, shrimp and dairy products. < p > < strong > 3, cereals < / strong > < / P > < p > rice, noodles, steamed bread and other cereals can provide sugar, vitamins, and calories for the human body to maintain its needs. Therefore, cancer patients should also eat more coarse grains and cereals.

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Actually, for cancer patients, there are many dietary problems that need attention. Therefore, in order to treat the illness and therapeutic effect, cancer patients are better to eat with the doctor's advice, whether in dietary taboos or in the daily diet.