Three symptoms after getting up represent that your blood has become sticky. Don't sit idly by.

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Three symptoms after getting up represent that your blood has become sticky. Don't sit idly by.

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< p > Blood stickiness should be heard by many people, but blood stickiness is not a single disease, it may cause hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, myocardial infarction and other diseases. Blood stickiness can not be underestimated. Some small details of life can also identify whether there is blood stickiness in the body. Especially when you get up in the morning, after a night's sleep, it can better reflect.

Three symptoms in the morning should be vigilant

blurred vision.

Morning, because the human body after a whole night of repair, organs need to wake up after a certain period of time to resume daily operation. Healthy people recover very quickly, but people with viscous blood, because the blood is more viscous, blood can not moisturize the eye nervous system at a faster speed, so there will be short-term blurred vision problems. If this happens, you need to pay attention to your physical condition.

p>strong>palpitation or chest tightness.

Palpitation or chest tightness in general, many people will think whether there is a heart problem, if not the heart problem, it may be caused by blood viscosity.

As mentioned above, when you get up in the morning, because of the recovery of your body function, blood will flow quickly to various liver organs, while the blood sticky person will have chest tightness or palpitation because of the blood stickiness and heart blood supply problems.

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< p> excludes the problem of dizziness caused by insufficient sugar in the morning. If the blood is thick, the blood circulation in the body is poor in the morning, and the blood supply in the brain is insufficient, dizziness will easily occur after getting up.

In fact, if you only have the above condition in your body and have not caused other disease problems, some changes in daily life, work, rest and diet can also change the blood stickiness problem very well. Now let's take a look at the blood stickiness and how to handle it everyday.

First: Drinking more water

water is the most common diluent in nature. Drinking more water can increase the water content of blood, help to discharge metabolic waste and alleviate the problem of blood stickiness. Persistence can also improve the metabolism of harmful substances in the blood. Drinking water also has some tips. Cool and white boiling, light tea and warm water are very good choices. Of course, a cup of warm water in the morning is indispensable. It can supplement the water shortage after a heavy night's sleep and alleviate the problem of blood stickiness.

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second: low-fat diet

blood stickiness and obesity have a certain relationship, of course, people with blood stickiness problems are not necessarily obese. But it has a lot to do with the high proportion of body fat. High fat diet makes blood fat content increase, blood fat content increases, blood will naturally sticky. Of course, oil is also essential to our body, but the choice of oil is what we can do. It is suggested to choose vegetable oil instead of animal oil. < p > < strong > Third: Exercise more < / strong > < / P > < p > can enhance blood circulation, also can consume body fat, glycogen and other energy hoarding, in the long run, blood is healthier, naturally away from the problem of blood stickiness.

Blood stickiness is not terrible, as long as the life, rest and eating habits are improved, the blood will naturally be clearer, and the problem of blood stickiness will be solved naturally.