South tofu, North tofu, which tofu is the best? Which people should not eat tofu? One essay says clearly.

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South tofu, North tofu, which tofu is the best? Which people should not eat tofu? One essay says clearly.

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< p > Speaking of tofu, it is a kind of food that can be eaten in all seasons and is suitable for all ages. And tofu as a high nutritional value of soybean products, provides a variety of nutrients for the human body, not only fried, but also boiled soup, the taste is very delicious, so that we have a very common vegetarian table. < p > < strong > < strong > Tofu nutrition < / strong > < / P > < p > Tofu is a kind of vegetable food. It is sweet and cool in nature and rich in protein. It can meet the needs of vegetarians for protein. Tofu also contains carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats, carotene, multi-vitamins and minerals. Lysine in tofu can complement cereals, and polyunsaturated fat and soybean lecithin in tofu have certain effects on cardiovascular diseases. In addition, tofu is rich in calcium and iron, which is suitable for people who lack calcium and iron.

tofu types

North tofu

Soybean grinding into soymilk, adding salt brine as coagulant, is North tofu, its texture is relatively hard, water content is about 80%, protein content, calcium content are slightly higher than South tofu, suitable for roasting, frying, stewing soup.


Soybean is ground into soybean milk and added gypsum as coagulant, which is Nantofu. Its texture is tender and its moisture content is about 90%. It is suitable for boiling, restoring and stewing soup. Lactone tofu

< lactone tofu

< p> is ground into soybean milk and added with glucose lactone as coagulant. It is lactone tofu with poor texture and about 90% water content, but with low calcium content, it is not suitable for those who need calcium supplement.

tofu purchase

when purchasing tofu, you can choose a slightly yellow color, too white tofu may add bleaching agent, which is not conducive to health, and when purchasing tofu, look at the ingredient list, real tofu will rank the top three. Because of the high moisture content of tofu, it should be eaten as soon as possible after buying it, or refrigerated for 2-3 days. Too much can be frozen to make frozen tofu.

Should not eat tofu

<1. Patients with hyperuricemia and gout. Because these patients need to limit the intake of purine, and tofu belongs to high purine food, it is not recommended that patients with high uric acid, especially those with acute gout, eat tofu, uric acid can be well controlled to eat less.

p>2. Chronic renal failure. Because the kidney metabolic capacity of these patients declined, urea and creatinine toxins in the body are metabolites of protein, while tofu belongs to plant protein, so it is not recommended for patients with chronic renal failure to eat.