If you know where the suffocated fart has gone, I bet you won't suffocate anymore...

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If you know where the suffocated fart has gone, I bet you won't suffocate anymore...

2019-01-31 10:26:26 1528 ℃
You must have the same life experience:

meeting/dinner/appointment and other important moments, suddenly a burst of "buttocks" came, immediately clamping the buttocks, holding the anus tightly and not relaxing. After a burst of abdominal distension,

, the fierce fart-breaking doors are hopeless and will gradually subside and eventually disappear. Congratulations, you succeeded in choking a fart.

But have you ever thought about a question: the fart can't disappear in the air, that...

hold live fart go where < strong> where < strong> < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong >?

in answer to "Where is the fart?" Before we do that, we need to figure out a question:

Where does the fart come from?

fart is everyone's old companion, but people always have a prejudice against it, hope it can't hear or hear, there is no better. < p > < p > < strong > But the fact is, as long as you eat, you will fart. Most farts are by-products of intestinal flora during food digestion. < strong> < strong> and a small part of the fart is formed by swallowed air. The composition of

fart can be divided into two main categories:

is responsible for "taste foot"

such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, indole, feces, volatile amines, volatile fatty acids and so on.

is responsible for "enough quantity"

such as nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen and so on. < p > < p > < strong > According to the different recipes, the flavor of fart also has its own characteristics.

The common source of stench is all kinds of high protein food, such as meat, beans, dairy products, etc. Onions and leeks in vegetables can make you a tasty person if you eat too much.

In public places, fart cautiously

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If smelly food is not eaten much, most of the intestinal gas comes from the intestinal tract. By-products from swallowing and digestion of conventional flora. At this time, the fart smells fresh, but relatively loud enough. When it appears, it will announce the whole world like a subwoofer:


Normal people fart 14 times a day on average, with a total exhaust volume of 470-1500 ml, equivalent to 1-3 bottles of cola. < br >

< p > < strong > Don't be shy because of farting. It's a problem not to fart.

But in order to avoid embarrassment, most of the time, people will suffocate, absolutely not let go. If you can't hold back, please cooperate with the sham action

remember that you must grasp the time

where is the suffocated butt?

Whether it is a quiet stinky fart or a high-profile fresh fart, as a gas in the digestive tract, we should find an outlet anyway. If you can't get out below

, of course you should try it.

can not break the "door" and the fart will gradually be absorbed by the intestinal wall into the blood. At this point, you will feel the intestine relaxed and the anal sphincter relaxed.

You think the fart disappears, but in fact it moves to the whole body circulation with the blood, then to the liver, filtered by the liver, and then to the lungs. < p > < p > < strong > Finally, the fart will be breathed out by you.

Someone may ask: Will such breathing smell fart?

If the suffocated fart is odorless, that's not a big problem.

But if it's a stinky fart, it's really possible to get into your breath and make people wonder why you are so "heavy tasting" today...

Can the fart hold back after all? For healthy ordinary people,

suffocation generally does not cause serious health consequences except for possible "heavy taste".

But! Some problems in the process of suffocation may indirectly damage health. For example:

the pain caused by the rolling of the fart in the belly;

the fierce battle between the anus and the fart;

the nervous state of mind fearing the leak;

the mental pressure of pretending that "I did not do it" after the leak;

... < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > People who suffocate and fart in public are movie emperors < / P > < p > Guess who farted?

In short, if there are some special occasions, in order to save face, you can also exercise the sphincter by the way.

But if you are alone, don't be a Chinese suffocator. Let it go.

< section> < section> < section> < p> < strong > This article was examined by Wei Wei Wei, chief physician of Clove Clinic

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