Is it true or pseudoscience that scientists have announced that cancer will be completely cured within a year?

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Is it true or pseudoscience that scientists have announced that cancer will be completely cured within a year?

2019-02-09 09:18:08 339 ℃

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Is it possible to treat all cancers with one drug?

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There is a hot news in recent days. An organization of Israeli scientists announced that may have found the first radical cure for cancer.

This Israeli company is called "Accelerated Evolutionary Biotechnology Company". Dan Aridor, the head of the company, introduced: "strong> We believe that a complete cure for cancer will be provided within one year." The method has been effective since the first day, with little or no side effects, and the cost is much lower than most other treatments on the market.

The Jews in Israel are intelligent, diligent, or more rigorous. So although we feel that this statement is exaggerated, we can't help looking it up and thinking about the logic here. We should know that there are 18.1 million new cases of cancer in the world every year, and one in six people will die of cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

So what is the treatment method and the principle? < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > Why are the current anti-cancer drugs ineffective? Dr. llan Morad, of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnology, introduced that their treatment is a multi-target toxin called < strong > MuTaTo , which can be compared to cancer antibiotics and is a high-level destructive technology. Here are a few biological concepts (readers who are not interested can skip them).

Dr.Ilan Moran

Phage Display Technology: There is a virus called bacteriophage that kills bacteria specially, so it can display protein on the surface of bacteriophage to screen protein and gene. Interaction between sequences and small molecules. The technology won the Nobel Prize in 2018.

polypeptide: protein is composed of amino acids and has a three-dimensional structure with folding rules. The PD-1 antibody we use is a kind of protein. Peptides are composed of two or more amino acids, which are smaller and easier to produce.

Accelerated Evolution Biotechnology started thinking: Why can't current anti-cancer drugs cure cancer ?

Their research concludes that most anticancer drugs attack a specific target of cancer cells, either on the surface of cancer cells or in the interior of cancer cells, by blocking the target to inhibit a physiological pathway of cancer cells. But cancer cells are not passively attacked. They usually mutate downstream of the target suppressed by the drug, which makes the drug ineffective. Here's an example

: EGFR gene mutations are common in lung cancer, which are treated with gefitinib, but T790M mutation is produced in EGFR target, or activation mutation in downstream KRAS of EGFR gene, which leads to targeted drug resistance.

< section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > Why might MuTaTo work?

Since anti-cancer drugs are prone to be ineffective because of gene mutations in cancer cells, why does MuTaTo work?

Accelerated Evolution Biotechnology introduced that MuTaTo uses multiple polypeptide combinations for each cancer cell at the same time. These polypeptides target different targets, which can kill cancer cells more specifically. The company's researchers declared: "We are sure that this combination therapy will not be affected by gene mutations in cancer cells."

In a word: MuTaTo attacks three targets simultaneously, and cancer cells cannot mutate drug resistance at all three targets at the same time.

In addition, cancer cells also have a detoxification mechanism, that is, cancer cells under the pressure of drugs, through a bubble effect, the drug will be discharged. Will MaTaTo be affected by this? It takes time for the cancer cells to detoxify, and when MaTaTo is strong enough, it may kill the cancer cells before the detoxification takes place, Israeli scientists said.

When you see this, you may think: No wonder Israelis are full of confidence. It sounds logical and reasonable. < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > expert response of American Cancer Society < / strong > < / P > < / section > < / section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > To the news announced by Israeli scientists, Len lichtenfeld, chief medical officer of American Cancer Society, said: "Obviously, we all hope it is correct, but unfortunately, we have to realize that this is true. The method has not been proven effective for cancer patients, let alone cured.

< p > 1) Firstly, this study has not published any academic articles and received no peer review.

< p > 2) If this study has just started clinical trials, there may be a long way to go. Current research concludes that there is no perfect experimental plan for "exploratory" mouse experiments. From mouse trials to really effective treatment of cancer patients, the process is uncertain.

Dr. Len lichtenfeld published a commentary on his blog entitled "A Cure For Cancer?Not So Fast"

doubts that this is not necessarily false, but it takes time to prove its effectiveness. Considering that tumors grow in different organs, different mutation types and disease progression, it is almost impossible to treat all cancers with one drug. In spite of these doubts, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnology remains confident that a complete cure for cancer means that we are ready for a complete solution to be tested for the first time in humans. A year from now they will provide a complete cure for cancer, and lung cancer is the first target. At this time next year, we look forward to good news.

Cancer treatment is very complex, cure is a thing that rigorous scientists can not imagine for many times, but in the face of the suffering brought by cancer to patients and their families and the development of science, we are still willing to believe that the battlefield of cancer, despite the smoke of gunpowder, will be better and better.


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