Cephalosporins go with wine! Whoever you are!

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Cephalosporins go with wine! Whoever you are!

2019-02-09 09:18:13 1142 ℃

< strong > 2 6 months, a blog article by the well-known health blogger < br >

< p > < abdominal doctor with 5 shots triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

The article says as follows:

Cephalosporin with wine, say go, even if you are a doctor!

"The hospital where my sister-in-law works received a patient at the beginning of the New Year yesterday. The patient was a doctor. After drinking, he remembered that he had eaten cephalosporin. He immediately ran to the clinic next to him. The clinic could not help him. He ran to the hospital again. People felt uncomfortable when they came to the hospital... But in the end, they were not rescued.

netizens'hot discussion

Many netizens use their own experience to tell you that < p> < strong> this is really not fun!

< p> < strong> @A orange that wants to be transported:

Ouch... Remembering that I had taken out my wisdom teeth for three consecutive days and drank a glass of red wine every other day and a half, the doctor sent a dangerous notice to my parents that night, which frightened my father to cry. This is no joke! < p > < strong > @ is Mirabelle -:< / strong > < / P > < p > last year extracted wisdom teeth and ate tinidazole, then drank two bottles of Japanese sake, was sent to hospital for rescue, almost not rescued! When I woke up, I found that my mother could not cry beside my bed. It was really a ghost door that was closed once! _________ < p > < strong > @ lamp dust: < / strong > < / P > < p > My father drank when he took cold medicine last year and went to hospital for half a month! At first, all the indicators were abnormal to the doctor to talk to my mother alone. It was no joke. You must take good care of your body!

and some netizens said that

unfortunate event also happened many times...

@The heart is full of popcorn:

The son of a friend of my father's is only 24. Before that, he ate cephalosporin and then had a party with his classmates and drank liquor. He was not saved. His parents watched him grow old overnight.

@In school for three years:

Before Shandong had a man and his target junior high school, his career was good. He opened his own shop in his old county town, and was ready to get married at the age of 23. Before getting married, he caught a cold. After drinking a little, he left on the night of the wedding, and the wedding directly changed into a funeral. Unfortunately, this man was the only child.

@85 Maiden after birth:

and rabies vaccine. A good friend of my father died suddenly a few years ago. Two days before his death, my mother and I happened to meet him in the hospital. He said that he had a fever to see. He entered the ICU that night and died of organ failure on the third day. According to his family, he was bitten by a mad dog before he died of rabies vaccine. Daily addiction to alcohol, so there is no abstaining from alcohol, it feels terrible.

[Don't drink except for cephalosporins]


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< P >< P >< P > < p > antiviral drugs: ribavirin

< p > antifungal drugs: ketoconazole

< p > < p > antituberculosis drugs: isoniazid

< p > dithiolamide-like reactions are not specific adverse reactions of antibiotics. Other drugs can also induce dithiolamide-like reactions. These drugs include glipizide, gliclazide, insulin, phenylethidine, and chloramphenicol. Sulfopropyl urea, toluene sulfonylurea, warfarin, ethinylestradiol cycloacetone tablets, nitroglycerin, phenylethylhydrazine, methylbenzylhydrazine.

Finally, let me remind you!
< p > < strong > do not take medicine after drinking, and < / strong > < / P > < strong > do not drink after taking medicine!