Sitting on your knees for a week and refreshing your breath for a year is the magic way to tonify the liver, drain blood down and invigorate your whole body! ________

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Sitting on your knees for a week and refreshing your breath for a year is the magic way to tonify the liver, drain blood down and invigorate your whole body! ________

2019-02-09 09:18:15 1592 ℃

presents you with a priceless treasure, kneeling for a week, refreshing for one year

when one steps into old age, one often feels limping, lumbar soreness and knee pain, and has the sensation of head and foot, while hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, prostatitis and other diseases will follow. There are so many geriatric diseases that we can't prevent them.

< p> < strong > In fact, these are all symptoms of deficiency of upper substance and lower substance, that is, insufficiency of Qi and blood and insufficiency of feet under Qi and blood. There is a saying called "old people first old feet". A big tree will not wither as long as its root is not bad, so as long as we have enough blood on our feet, the blood flow of the whole body will be normal.

Ancient people had health-preserving methods of rubbing their feet and hearts a hundred times a day, and barefoot walking fitness methods, which had a good effect on preventing senility. Today we tell you a < strong > kidney tonic, weight loss, liver tonic, blood drainage downward, activating the whole body method , faster effect, and for everyone will have an effective fitness method, that is, kneeling sitting, also known as < strong > kneeling . Can you imagine it? Kneeling on your knees can keep you healthy, and the effect is amazing! < p > < p > < kneeling sitting method can not only help us lose weight and prevent knee pain, knee hydrops, knee bone spurs, low back pain, alopecia, high blood pressure caused by dizziness, long-term medication to protect the liver have a good effect, but also let us have many unexpected physical and mental gains. People with abdominal distension, headache, cold feet and insomnia can try it out. Others who are upset and anxious can try it out. Friends with broken bones should not be forced. < p > < strong > kneeling is a wonderful way to draw blood down < / strong > < / P > < p > Qi and blood do not easily lead to the sole of the foot at once, then first to the knee, the knee is full of Qi and blood, and it is not far from the sole of the foot.

In a not too soft bed or on the carpet, kneeling and walking, Qi and blood will flow continuously to the knee, knee due to the supply of fresh blood, so that the cold can be dispersed, the accumulation of fluid can be eliminated, swelling and pain can be reduced.

But some people have knee pain, so first kneel on a softer bed, gradually slowly exercise, will soon adapt, then knee pain will be no longer.

The magical effects of kneeling

Why do people have knee pain? Why do knees wear? How does hydrocele and edema come about? How can these things happen for no reason? The knee is a joint, and if we always do squat folding, it will wear like a bearing.

With the increase of age, there is less blood and gas for the knee, and the knee is always worn, so we need this kind of lubricant especially. If there is enough lubricant, it will be all right. If there is less lubricant, it will be dry grinding, and there will be wear problems.

At this time, the cold comes in again, and then goes squatting, climbing mountains and walking long distances under the condition of ischemia, the knees can only wear out more. This is why many middle-aged and old people have more and more pain in their knees after exercise. Many people say that exercise is good, depending on the situation. If you exercise when your knees are worn out, it will only make matters worse. The worse you practice, the worse you will get. Although

Xieyangguan acupoint can relieve pain very well, how to make it painless is the most fundamental. So, the way to cure this problem is to keep it from wearing and tearing at the beginning and let fresh blood moisten it at the beginning. The best way to get blood to come is to kneel and walk on your knees. When you kneel on your knees, you will find that Qi and blood can easily run to your knees, and when you walk on your knees, you will find that your waist is twisting and your kidney is mending. < p > < strong > kneeling can also invigorate the kidney < / strong > < / P > < section > < section > < p > kneeling walking exercise can also exercise the waist strength, and the kidney is also active when the waist is twisted! Ventilating blood and tonifying kidney can kill two birds with one stone. Male compatriots can practice repeatedly in bed. Every day, 50 to 100 steps depend on their physical strength. After walking on your knees for two or three weeks, you will suddenly find that the phenomenon of old hair loss has disappeared. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine calls knee the house of tendons, and knee is the house of tendons. And the liver is the main tendon, so kneeling is the method of Tonifying the liver, which is equivalent to drinking several Qiju Dihuang pills oral liquid every day. It doesn't cost a penny, no matter what constitution, the effect is still so good.

Someone said, "I can't kneel. I went to the photo. The doctor said that I have many bone spurs here. This kneeling must have pierced me. What should I do? Putting a hole is a problem." This is a misunderstanding of bone spurs.

Bone Spurs are a natural phenomenon of human body. Everyone will have bone spurs at a certain age. Bone spurs themselves do not cause pain. The pain is caused by blood pressure stasis and nerve pressure near the bone spurs. Dispel the congestion and the knee will naturally stop hurting.

But when I went to the photo, I found that there were many bone spurs standing there. There are many "Spirit" and "Eliminate Spur" drugs on the market now. In fact, they can not eliminate the bone spur, but can only melt the congestion beside the bone spur.

So it doesn't matter if the bone spur disappears, it doesn't prevent us from exercising. Therefore, kneeling will not have any effect on our body at all.

kneeling exercise can not only reduce weight and prevent knee pain, knee hydrops, knee bone spurs, back pain, hair loss, but also give you a lot of additional benefits. For men and young women who want to lose weight, kneeling is a secret way to lose weight, faster than tapping the pulse. This method is the most obvious way to reduce the fat on the thighs.

If you want to test the method, you should take the tape measure on your thighs first, then kneel for 20 minutes every day, and then take the tape measure after 3 weeks, which is sure to give you great pleasure. Many people have tried this method, the effect is very obvious. Ladies always complain that the fat is on their thighs. Indeed, it's a pile of waste, not muscles. At this time, we have to lead the new blood and gas, let it absorb the garbage and drain out, so kneeling can reduce thigh weight.

< p> < strong > warns you: At the beginning, the knee will be very painful. You should first adapt to it for a few days. Kneel before you go. Kneel before you get used to it. The following discomfort symptoms occur at the beginning of kneeling, which is also a normal reaction. Not only will the following discomfort symptoms occur when kneeling, but also some other exercises.

1, hemp: indicates that Qi can come, but blood can't. < p > < strong > 2, numbness: < / strong > numbness is severe, that is, numbness, blood and Qi can not pass. < p > < strong > 3, acid: < / strong > indicates that meridians are open, but Qi and blood are insufficient.

4, distention: indicates that there is enough gas, such people are angry body, if the gas in the body does not go out, then estimate distention. < p > < strong > 5, pain: < strong > simple pain is due to blood stasis.

6, itching: indicates that Qi and blood are coming, and the wound will itch when it heals. But it's different from itching all over the body.

After kneeling and practicing Golden Chicken independence, you will suddenly find that you can stand with your eyes closed for a longer time. This is because kneeling has led a lot of blood to the lower limbs, the lower limbs are strong, of course, the feet are more stable.

Golden Rooster can independently draw Qi and blood to open the original points of six meridians (liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, kidney, bladder) on the feet, so that Qi and blood can run more durably and forcefully.

Some people kneel, not 20 minutes a day, sometimes 10 minutes on their knees, and soon he went to change glasses when the degree dropped by 50 degrees. He's in his 30s. Why is there such an effect? Because kneeling nourishes liver and liver tendons, while knee is the meeting of tendons. Liver enlightens the eyes and opens the eyes.

The effect would be better if the left pericardium meridian was knocked at the same time while walking on knees. A friend with high blood pressure, rub the point of Chize on the lung meridian, and you will feel clear-headed immediately.

Therefore, learning the methods of disease prevention must be linked with many things. We can't think that kneeling therapy is only for the treatment of knees and acupoints on the head, but for the treatment of head, we should learn one thing from another and learn one hundred from another.

There is a saying called "Drink half a lake, when you know the taste of the river; pick up a leaf, enjoy the autumn cool of the world". That is the truth. So we can learn quickly. If you can't build a tower with sand every day, that tower will never build up. You have to learn the most important things in a good way. In fact, the most critical way is to associate ideas, think about where the knee is still connected, what else? You can just associate.

The above methods are very simple, and the indications are very wide. People with abdominal distension, headache, cold feet and insomnia can try them out. Otherwise, people who are upset and anxious will feel calm and clear after a period of practice.