Rose tea is known as "Friends of Women". What's the benefit of drinking it regularly?

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Rose tea is known as "Friends of Women". What's the benefit of drinking it regularly?

2019-02-18 18:32:51 610 ℃

Rose, can be said to be a favorite flower of many actress friends, roses represent romance and sweetness; similarly, rose tea is also a popular food on the market; in cold winter, a cup of sweet and warm rose tea is simply a perfect pleasure. About rose tea, there are various rumors on the market. Some people say that drinking rose tea regularly can detoxify the skin. Some people say drinking rose tea regularly can whiten the skin. In fact, what kind of food is rose tea? What kind of effect does regular drinking have on the body? Winter warmly chat rose tea, I hope it can bring you a sweet happiness.

roses, regular drinking will have a magical effect on the body?

Talking about roses, more articles have produced the evidence of the description of roses in "Materia Medica Essence". In fact, the roses in "Materia Medica Essence" only regard them as a kind of precious Chinese herbal medicine. But in real life, people only regard them as a kind of ingredient when drinking tea or eating vegetables, and the amount of consumption is very small, which can not be equated at all. Consideration.

In addition, when considering any physiological function or function, we must take into account the intake dose of a substance; discarding the dose to talk about the effect is indeed an unreasonable behavior, the same is true for roses; roses are only a kind of tea, you eat too little in the process of making tea, let alone the overall water content of rose petals is very high, relatively. In other words, the content and concentration of all kinds of effective substances will be lower, which is a major factor restricting the absorption of nutrients.

So it is not scientific to whiten, remove freckles and treat gynecological diseases by eating roses and drinking rose tea. It is very difficult to finish. Please treat it fairly.

Roses, in fact, is not much magical:

Explore the various nutrients contained in roses, whether vitamin C or some phytochemicals, in fact, such as proanthocyanidins, polyphenols and other nutrients are not so magical, in other foods, and some are more than roses. In addition, the thermal sensitivity of these nutrients is very poor, hot water brewing will cause a great loss to them, the effect is not as great as you think.

Rose tea can be drunk?

Although Rose Tea will not have those so-called magical effects and functions, it is still a kind of food that you can safely drink; compared with other sweet drinks and drinks, this natural drink is healthy, although it will not play a magical role, but it can promote our drinking water, in addition, it can also play a proper slow psychological factor consideration. The effect of decompression; low calorie, low sugar content, as a healthy drink is often a good thing to drink.

When purchasing rose tea, due attention should also be paid to:

Rose tea, although it is good, should be purchased cautiously. It is recommended that you go to a regular supermarket to choose to buy, and that you buy rose tea with guaranteed packaging, which is relatively safer. Rose tea has no magical whitening and freckle-removing effect, although it does not have anti-cancer effect, but regular drinking will increase our drinking water, in addition, it can also play a role in beautifying the mood. It is recommended that you often taste it.

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