Neurologist's advice: The root cause of cerebral infarction has been found, and we should stay away from these two major risk factors.

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Neurologist's advice: The root cause of cerebral infarction has been found, and we should stay away from these two major risk factors.

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61-year-old Master Yang had a sudden cerebral infarction

On February 12, 2019, on the seventh day of the first lunar month, Master Yang, 61, was walking unsteadily after napping at noon and almost fell to the ground. He felt that his left limb was obviously weak. He shouted his family name with only two words, and the following words could not be coherent.

The family saw him in a bad situation and quickly helped him to rest in bed. Because Master Yang was very fat, his wife and his daughter-in-law were able to help him, and his family was ready to fight 120, but Master Yang protested strongly that he would not go to the hospital for the New Year and that he would be fine if he rested for a while. Master Yang used to have no habit of smoking and drinking except obesity, and no other chronic diseases except hypertension. Except for occasional dizziness, there is no obvious discomfort in hypertension, so Master Yang has not taken medicine to lower blood pressure, nor has he monitored the blood pressure level. However, at 9 p.m., Master Yang's speech and left limb weakness did not improve, so he agreed to go to the hospital with his family to see the emergency. Arriving at the hospital at 10 p.m., the emergency doctor measured Master Yang's blood pressure: 168/107 mmHg, and examined the skull CT: bilateral basal ganglia-radiation coronary area multiple lacunar cerebral infarction. ECG: sinus rhythm, normal ECG; blood routine is basically normal; coagulation routine is normal; emergency biochemical + emergency myocardial enzymes results are basically normal. There is a high index of blood lipids, low density lipoprotein cholesterol 3.35 mmol/l, which is obviously beyond the normal range.

Doctor diagnosed Master Yang as acute cerebral infarction and hypertension. Severe illness, hospitalized neurological treatment. Next day, the neurologist arranged Master Yang's further examination. Cranial magnetic resonance imaging revealed that: 1. Multiple lacunar infarction (acute phase) in the left parietal lobe had 2 severe cerebral arteriosclerosis, and A1 segment of the left anterior cerebral artery had not been seen.

Neurologist pointed out that Master Yang's high cholesterol and high blood pressure were the main risk factors of cerebral infarction attack

Doctor pointed out that Master Yang's low density lipoprotein cholesterol was found to be higher than normal after admission to hospital, and his body fat actually indicated that he had high blood fat before, but failed to pay attention to the detection of hyperlipidemia. Lipid is the main risk factor for atherosclerosis and cerebral infarction, because hyperlipidemia is the basic condition for the formation of vascular atherosclerosis. It is the formation of atherosclerosis that vascular endothelium is damaged under the action of many factors. Then the cholesterol of vascular wall can form atherosclerotic plaque together with inflammatory factors. Over time, if it continues to progress, it will lead to systemic atherosclerosis. Form. Once the atherosclerotic plaque is large enough, it can lead to arterial occlusion. Master Yang's cerebral artery occlusion is the risk factor of high blood lipid.

Doctors also advise that Master Yang's hypertension, which has not been controlled by medication, is also a risk factor for cerebral infarction attack, because hypertension can damage vascular endothelium, which is the trigger factor for atherosclerosis. Once the endothelium is damaged, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques begins. There are many hypertensive patients like Master Yang, because hypertension is usually abrupt without obvious symptoms. Slightly high blood pressure treatment, which is actually very harmful, can be said that hypertension is a potential risk factor, must be standardized in peacetime treatment, and regular monitoring of blood pressure level, not careless.

In recent decades, with the rapid economic development, the level of blood lipid and blood pressure of Chinese residents has increased, and the incidence of hyperlipidemia and hyperlipidemia has increased year by year. Among them, the unhealthy lifestyle deserves attention. It is urgent to actively promote healthy lifestyle and strengthen the health examination related to hypertension and hyperlipidemia so as to minimize the health hazards caused by hypertension and hyperlipidemia. In addition to adhering to exercise in daily life, attention should also be paid to quitting smoking and limiting alcohol, drinking less strong tea, limiting salt intake, and eating less fat, red meat and fried meat. Food, sweets if juicy cakes.

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